Marketing firm launches tool to create mobile websites

Leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, Velti, has launched a web-based platform that allows brands and agencies to create HTML5-based ads and mobile websites. 

The 5ml platform has a drag-and-drop interface and a visual editor, which makes it fast and easy for someone who is non-technical to build HTML5 ads and mobile sites that provide customers with a native app-like experience, claims the company.

“Velti’s 5ml allowed us to create a compelling and interactive mobile site for the ‘Milk Refuel Project,’” said Patrick Moorhead, SVP, group management director of mobile platforms at Draftfcb Chicago. 

“We see 5ml really helping us take advantage of mobile in our future campaigns. Going forward, we can now build mobile sites within a matter of hours, instead of weeks.”

Velti’s 5ml preview release won the Mobile Marketing Association’s multi-vendor competition during the June 2011 Forum held in New York City. 

“There is a tremendous amount of innovation taking place within the mobile marketing marketplace. At the MMA Forum in New York, we saw five leading mobile marketing companies present their solutions in the Pitch, a sponsored on-stage competition with the winner selected through audience text messaging votes,” said Michael Becker, North America managing director of the MMA. “We congratulate Velti for winning the competition, and look forward to the exciting innovations that the participants and others are bringing to the marketplace.”

Velti 5ml can be used independently or integrated with Velti’s mGage SaaS platform to execute and measure complete mobile marketing campaigns. 

According to Velti, the mGage platform, enables users to optimise their mobile campaigns with deep insight into advertiser analytics and performance. By integrating with Velti, agencies and brands can leverage the Mobclix ad exchange, which is the largest real-time bidding mobile ad exchange for buying and selling advertising impressions, and get instant access to 12.5bn mobile impressions, said the company.

“HTML5 is unleashing a new generation of creative people,” said Dimitrios Kontarinis, vice president of innovation at Velti. “Platforms such as 5ml are enabling a wave of innovative designers who don’t have software coding skills to create mobile apps, sites and ads using the best features of every phone in unique ways, providing a dynamic experience for consumers.”

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