Marks & Spencer Plan A director to speak at Lean & Green conference

Gillies: presenting at Lean & Green event

Richard Gillies, director of Plan A at Marks & Spencer, the retailer’s programme for developing a sustainable business, is one of the headline speakers at the Lean & Green Conference, being held in London on 3 March 2011.

The event is designed to show how retail and food businesses can go green for free and showcases how leading companies are driving efficient and sustainable development.

Other speakers include Hunter Lovins, president Natural Capitalism Solutions, a recognised leader in helping companies and communities profit from more sustainable practices; Andy Wood, CEO of Adnams, the brewer; Helen Sisson, technical director at Greencore, the convenience foods manufacturer; and Ray Baker, director of corporate responsibility at Kingfisher Group, the DIY retailer.

The conference is organised by SA Partners, a consultancy specialising in lean business principles.

According to SA Partners, lean thinking “is a business paradigm for continuous improvement and relentless elimination of all types of waste” and sustainable development is widely recognised as the new wave of innovation which is leading companies towards more innovative use of resources and waste free operations.

“This conference brings together leading thinkers and industrialists from the retail and food sectors to share ideas on how best to exploit lean concepts and tools to boost innovation for a more sustainable future,” it says.

The event will include case studies demonstrating how greener operations also boost competitiveness and make perfect business sense.