Marlish Waters creates new 750ml Tonics & Mixers range format exclusively for Booths stores

Sustainable soft drinks producer Marlish Waters has created a new 750ml glass bottle format for its tonics and mixers range, exclusively for Booths.

Focusing on the their existing Soda Water, Ginger Ale and award-winning English Tonic Water SKUs in the 200ml tonics and mixers range, the new 750ml bottle format will roll out across all Booth’s stores from Tuesday the 19th of April.

Packaged and produced sustainably at the source of Marlish’s naturally filtered spring water on Marlish Farm in Northumberland, the exclusive new format has been produced to offer both a point of difference – in terms of packaging size – and better value for money within the premium tonics and mixers category for Booths customers.

Joe Evans, co-founder and director at Marlish Waters, commented: “We are delighted to be launching a completely new packaging format for three of our tonics and mixers, exclusively for Booth’s customers. We have built a really strong working relationship with Booths over recent years and are proud to partner with them to offer their customers something completely new and different from the current category offering.

“In the present economic climate, value is everything, so being able to produce a bespoke product for Booths that not only delivers on quality but also provides value for the customer, is something we are really proud of.”

Andy McDermott, lead buyer for Booths, commented: “We are thrilled to be listing the new tonics range! We’ve stocked their sparkling flavoured spring water for a couple of years now and we have seen a growing following from our customers. It makes us really proud to be able to support another Northern Family business – we are also going to feature them in store as part of our ‘Best of Booths’ campaign which helps showcase brands that we are proud of to our customers”

Created to enhance and compliment, rather than mask the taste of fine spirits, Marlish tonics and mixers combine Marlish’s traditional spring water with natural flavourings and champagne-like bubbles, to deliver a mixer that lengthens any spirit it is paired with. Free of sugar, saccharin and aspartame, this unique combination of flavourings promises a naturally light and well-balanced beverage that doesn’t compromise on taste, or overpower.

Staying true to the brand’s ethos of putting sustainability and goodness at the heart of all that it creates, the new 750ml tonics and mixers have all been lovingly produced and packaged on-site at Marlish Farm in the Northumbrian Hills. Tapping into the naturally occurring spring water source that has existed on the farm for hundreds of year, all Marlish products use this special, naturally-filtered mineral water as the basis for each drink, before any additional natural fruit extracts are added.

Marlish Soda Water 750ml, Ginger Ale 750ml and English Tonic 750ml will be available to purchase in all Booths stores for £1.90, with a launch promotion price of £1.50.