Masons of Yorkshire launches two special editions: Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber and Distiller’s Strength

New special edition gins

Masons of Yorkshire is returning to its roots with the launch of a Distiller’s Strength special edition bottled at 53% ABV and, to celebrate British Summer Time, it is releasing a special edition that’s perfect for summer – Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber.

Based on the multi-award winning distillery’s The Original recipe, Distiller’s Strength is distilled to a higher strength with an increased botanical blend for a smooth and delicious gin. With an intense flavour profile, it’s packed with punchy orange citrus that balances the warming spice notes, all encompassed by bold juniper. 

“Masons was founded with a simple mission to create gin the way it should be, with more character, more flavour and uncompromising quality,” explains Karl Mason, who co-founded the distillery with wife Cathy on the outskirts of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. “Our new Distiller’s Strength showcases an intense blend of expertly chosen botanicals and natural ingredients, with no gimmicks, no shortcuts and no compromises. 

“This special edition is a credit to the craftmanship and expertise of the Masons team and we’re continually experimenting in our new state-of-the-art gin lab to develop unique flavours to excite Masons fans and gin drinkers. 

“This is the latest example of that commitment to innovation and experimentation, and there’s much more to come – so watch this space.”  

For a serious G&T, serve with plenty of ice, premium Indian tonic water and garnish with a twist of fresh orange zest. Or, dial things up with pink grapefruit zest and crushed black pepper. 

Produced to exceptional London Dry standards, Masons Gin is made without compromise or shortcuts to create a curated collection of exceptional gins which also include recent addition Orange & Lime Leaf, as well as popular Pear and Pink Peppercorn alongside its best-selling Masons Original and iconic Masons Tea Edition. 

Masons Distiller’s Strength (70cl, RPP £37.50) is available now from  

TASTING NOTES – On the nose, juniper leads, complemented by punchy orange citrus and earthy spice. On the palate, juniper hits immediately with fresh citrus following adding a contrast to the flavour profile. Punchy spices then shine giving an intensity of flavour for a long finish of orange and warm spice. 

Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber is an exceptionally refreshing gin, combining juicy but crisp pink grapefruit citrus with juniper, followed by an unmistakeably smooth and cooling cucumber freshness. Offering a clear gin that lets its natural flavours shine through, like all Masons gins it contains no artificial colours, flavours or syrups. 

The perfect accompaniment for relaxing summer moments and occasions, serve Masons Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber with plenty of ice, premium Indian tonic water and a wedge of your favourite citrus fruit for a fabulous G&T.

Born out of botanical trials at Masons of Yorkshire’s state-of-the-art distillery, Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber is the latest special edition to join Masons’ discerning range. In the pursuit to create some of the world’s finest gins, Masons of Yorkshire takes a dedicated approach to set its gins apart from the rest. Produced to exceptional standards, Masons Gin is made without compromise or shortcuts using only the finest botanicals to create gins bold in both character and flavour. 

Masons Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber (70cl, RRP:£34) is available now from  

TASTING NOTES – On the nose, you’re initially hit with a citrus burst led by the pink grapefruit, balanced with the juniper, then the unmistakable cucumber freshness follows. On the palate, the bright pink grapefruit and lemon creates a citrus burst, swiftly followed by the sweeter notes of cucumber that forms a cooling, refreshing finish.