MassiveMusic London applies science to develop Colgate’s smile-inducing new sonic brand identity

Colgate, the brand found in more homes than any other, wants the whole world humming an optimistic tune. The iconic oral care brand has launched its new sonic brand identity, a suite of sonic assets and compositions, produced by international creative music agency MassiveMusic London, in collaboration with MassiveMusic New York.

Whilst reshaping its visual identity, Colgate also saw an opportunity to stand out within the oral care sector by owning the ‘white space’ within sonic branding in FMCG. In partnership with Red Fuse, the global brand chose to work with MassiveMusic London to develop a distinctive and flexible sound that could live across its marketing, have global appeal and relevance, and which offered new opportunities for recall by consumers. 

Whilst still a relatively untapped asset, sonic branding is increasingly becoming a key way legacy brands can differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Colgate understood the power of sound to help engage with audiences in new ways and entrusted MassiveMusic’s London team with the vision to ‘create a feeling’ and a holistic sonic experience.

Backed by strategy and science

Colgate needed a sonic brand that was memorable, modern and reflected its core brand promise of ‘Optimism in Action’, whilst also being flexible enough to be stretched into different genres and work across all product offers.

But what makes a sound ‘optimistic’? MassiveMusic ‘big idea’ was to ground the music in science – taking all subjectivity out of the equation, so you are left with a highly impactful sonic brand. Speaking to academics, ethnomusicologists and neuroscientists, MassiveMusic’s research pointed them towards the human hum as the perfect timbre (or sound quality) for the sonic logo. Consisting of a blend of both female and male tones, the sonic logo was meticulously recorded in such a way as to sound very real, close and natural. 

The choice of key was again based on research, with the key of D Major being widely accepted as optimistic in nature. The choice of notation and the portmanteau bend towards the end of the sonic logo perfectly syncs to the smile visual animation and creates an activating feeling without being overbearing. 

By creating a new and original sound that better matches who Colgate is as a brand, rather than looking to the sounds of the sector, Colgate has been able to carve out its own area in the market. Colgate’s new sonic DNA speaks to its history as a pioneering and modern brand.

Roscoe Williamson, global creative strategy director at MassiveMusic, said: “Colgate is one of the most recognisable brands across the world – a brand many of us have grown up with. It was important that the new sonic experience not only felt fresh and exciting, but that it also embodied  the brand’s promise of ‘Optimism in Action’. The need was complex – a system of branded ‘watermarked’ music stemming from a sonic DNA and an iconic sonic logo. This needed to work across more than 200 countries via online content, radio, product and TVCs. And so we created a sonic architecture that could handle this complexity and an overarching aesthetic to the new Colgate music and sound that has universal appeal. To do this we worked with a team of academics and experts and were able to define music and sound cues that throughout history have represented optimism. These cues are at the heart of Colgate’s new sonic brand and have enabled a flexible system that represents the optimistic nature of the brand in a highly distinctive and holistic way.”

Jared Richardson, global head of design at Colgate, said: “It really was an incredible experience developing the Sound of Colgate with MassiveMusic. The process, collaboration and outcome was fascinating and really enjoyable. The result is a strategically valuable asset that will play out across our global marketing campaigns. We look forward to continuing developing this side of our brand.”

The new sonic brand was conceptualised and produced by MassiveMusic London, and will be rolled out across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa-Eurasia, and Asia. 

Colgate launches next generation of toothbrush – Colgate Link

Make way for a stunning new addition to your bathroom line up. The Colgate® Link Replaceable Head Toothbrush, a brand new, premium offering from Colgate, new to the UK market. 

This innovative toothbrush has been beautifully designed with a replaceable head and long-lasting aluminium handle that you can use and reuse for a lifetime.  

The launch is a first of its kind for the brand, and thanks to the new replaceable head technology, Colgate Link uses 80% less plastic than a regular plastic manual toothbrush, providing an easy solution for consumers looking for simple ways to reduce plastic waste. 

The Link Starter Kit comes with two replacement heads and one aluminium handle which is available in silver or navy. The outer cardboard packaging is made with 60% recycled content, all of which is recyclable. The head comes in two bristle variants, both of which have been designed with advanced head technology that ensures a thorough and deep clean: 

·         Deep Clean (soft); with floss-tip bristles that reach 4X deeper to gently clean between teeth and along the gumline for a healthy smile 

·         Whitening (medium); with spiral polishing medium bristles, a unique technology to help reduce surface stains, giving you a whiter smile from first brushing 

With a cheek and tongue cleaner, the toothbrush head reduces 151% more bacteria and thoroughly cleans your teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a whole mouth clean. 

Each pack of replacement heads contain two brush heads.  

Regarding the launch, Taylor Gordy, VP & GM, Colgate-Northern Europe at Colgate Palmolive, said: “At Colgate we believe it’s important to innovate and evolve our products to bring you superior technology while helping to look after the planet. Not only has this product been born from clever design and innovation, it also represents a really exciting step forward for Colgate as a brand on our sustainability journey. Colgate is in millions of homes across the world so we can and will create a healthier, more sustainable future for all, and we hope our consumers will join us to become part of the change”. 

The Colgate® Link Replaceable Head Toothbrush is currently available in Superdrug, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Amazon. The starter kit is £20 RRSP (down to £10 on offer) and the refill is RRSP £7 (down to £5 on offer).  

Keep the handle. Replace the head. It’s that easy.