Mastercard: money revealed as UK’s most uncomfortable conversation


Recent findings from Mastercard reveal that money is the topic Brits fear talking about the most. Almost one third (30%) of UK adults admitted cash conversations make them feel the most uncomfortable compared to other topics. In comparison, the research revealed just over a fifth of the UK find talking about their relationships (23%) and politics (21%) uncomfortable, less than one in five feel uncomfortable talking and their  health (18%) and less than one in ten feel uncomfortable discussing their career (8%).

In the UK, the Welsh are most uncomfortable discussing finances, say two in five Welsh adults (40%), compared to people in England (29%) and Scotland (31%). In other parts of the UK, Bristol was found to be the UK city least comfortable talking about money.

UK cities least comfortable talking about finance:

  • Bristol (36%)
  • Newcastle (35%)
  • London (32%)
  • Birmingham (32%)
  • Glasgow (33%)

Findings revealed Gen Z are happier discussing their money vs older generations such as Baby Boomers, breaking British traditions. One third (34%) of those aged 45+ revealed they’re uncomfortable with money conversations, compared to less than a quarter (24%) of those aged 16 – 24-years-old feeling the same.

The findings come at a time when the digital and financial divide in the UK continues to grow as a result of the pandemic as the wealth gap within the UK increase. As a result of COVID-19, adults in the richest 10% of households now have wealth of £1.4m each, following a £50,000 increase during the pandemic, while the poorest 30% gained an average of just £86 per adult in additional wealth during the same time.

To help provide support for those facing financial and digital exclusion, working with Clean Slate and Good Things Foundation, Mastercard’s ‘Nobody in The Dark’ campaign provides tools and services to those who may be financially or digitally excluded. This includes people facing greater risks of digital and financial barriers, including disabled people and people experiencing racial inequalities.

Nobody in The Dark offers face-to-face support to tackle digital and financial exclusion from 20 centres across the UK in locations such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and Swansea.The free resource hub at is also available to help boost the confidence of those with limited digital skills, allowing them to engage confidently with free, trusted online support on money, security, benefits and debt.

Kelly Devine, division president, Mastercard UK & Ireland, commented: “We know many people are struggling financially as a result of the pandemic, and it can be hard to have a conversation around money matters.  That is why, working with our partners on the Nobody in the Dark campaign, we are offering free confidential support at 20 regional centres across the UK, helping people get on top of their money and access the help they need.”