Mateus rosé releases new limited-edition bottles

 Iconic specialist rosé wine brand Mateus is celebrating its 80th anniversary by releasing three new limited-edition bottles. With a long-standing musical heritage, the exclusive new bottles have perfectly matched the brand’s culture and invented three new design concepts, landing in your supermarkets this summer – Fado, Rock and Dance Music.

·       Fado: The soul of Portugal (Saudade), inspired by Amália Rodrigues, the most famous fado singer in the country’s history, intends to spread Portuguese culture and share Portugal’s most traditional and renowned music style with younger generations worldwide.  

·       Rock: The spirit of being young represents the brand’s historical connection to rock and roll, remembering Mateus’ association with legendary artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Ace Frehley and Elton John, as well as the irreverent spirit that inspired Mateus’ creation of its bottle. 

·       Dance music: The feeling of being free and letting your hair down portrays the relaxed, friendly nature of the brand and rosé wines, in line with Mateus’ younger fans. 

This top international Portuguese wine brand acts as a perfect aperitif, enjoyed on its own or paired with summery foods, such as seafood, salads, pitta bread, pizzas and cold meat platters. Its unique characteristics also make it ideal for spicy, smoky and flavourful international dishes.

Celebrating a much-needed summer of spontaneous social occasions, the brands 80th anniversary has arrived in perfect time for BBQ and picnic season, inspiring friends to come together. The three new unique designs celebrate the top international Portuguese wine brand with a splash of colour.

Whether you’re planning a last-minute get together at home or even a get-away with friends, a cold glass of light, fresh and slightly sparkling Mateus Rosé will truly set the tone.

“To celebrate 80 years of Mateus means to celebrate a story of success of Sogrape’s most iconic brand. Honouring the dream of my grandfather, who knew how to combine courage, audacity and passion, this is a very special occasion for the brand that best represents and expresses our spirit of Friendship and Happiness”, says Fernando da Cunha Guedes, President of Sogrape.

“For all that it represents, Mateus is Sogrape’s jewel in the crown. It is past, the present and the future that has led us to where we are and promises to take us even further”, he adds.