McColl’s selects IRI as partner to get better connected to customers


McColl’s Retail Group, the leading neighbourhood retailer, has selected market and consumer intelligence firm IRI as its partner to understand and target customers using integrated analytics, loyalty and point of sale (POS) data.

The McColl’s Loyalty Plus Gateway solution, which is part of the wider IRI Holistic Retail Solution (HRS) suite, is the first IRI Gateway solution in the UK to contain customer information using a loyalty card designed specifically for the convenience channel.

The partnership will ensure McColl’s and its suppliers have 24/7 access to relevant sales and customer information via an easily accessible online portal, to enable them to collaborate on category and joint business planning initiatives, and offer the most competitive propositions to their customers.

As a global leader in innovative solutions and services for major retail companies, IRI’s proven ability to create accurate segmentations and use technology to integrate these with loyalty and POS data, was the key driver for the selection.

Dan Finke, managing director of IRI in the UK, said: “We are delighted to be working with McColl’s to help further improve its customers’ in-store experience. The innovative solutions provided are ground breaking for the sector.

“With lifestyle changes affecting shopper behaviour, the shift from main shop towards top up shops is becoming more pronounced. It is therefore more vital than ever for McColl’s and its suppliers to create the optimum convenience offer. The McColl’s Loyalty Plus Gateway enables fast and effective insight, which will help engage customers and ultimately improve spend in convenience.”

Juliette Purser, loyalty manager at McColl’s, said: “Our customers are at the very heart of our business and winning and retaining their loyalty is key to our success. We launched the Loyalty Plus Card to reward our customers no matter how often they shop or how much they spend, and as we learn more about our customers we will offer rewards tailored just for them.

“IRI delivers the analysis and technology required to improve our customer understanding through provision of fast, accurate data and actionable insight that we can use with our suppliers to get better connected to our customers and provide them with more of what they want.”

The McColl’s Loyalty Plus Gateway solution is part of IRI’s HRS suite, which integrates multiple retailer datasets and enhances them to enable retailers to improve the way they work across different dimensions – understanding customers, measuring the impact of promotions, measuring cross-category performance and enabling better collaboration with suppliers.

Finke added: “Our focus on helping retail and manufacturer clients to deliver growth compliments the McColl’s strategy to grow their convenience offer, and we look forward to continuing our long-term partnership with the company.”