McDonald’s rolls out new packaging design featuring QR codes around the world

New look design: global roll out

New look design: global roll out

McDonald’s has launched a new global packaging design to be used in the majority of its restaurants around the world.

The new-look has been created by the UK- and Chicago-based brand design agency, Boxer.

The graphic design is on carry-out bags and fountain beverage cups.

Paul Castledine, Boxer’s chief creative officer, describes the design as one that “takes customers on a visual journey of discovery into all the things that make their McDonald’s meal enjoyable”.

The handmade design language has been crafted to feel personal and playful, and the range of illustrated designs depict content based on McDonald’s food – its ingredients, favourite menu items and interesting food facts.

The cups and bags also feature a QR code, which provides McDonald’s customers with easy access to nutrition information from mobile devices.

The packaging initially launched in the US in January and will continue rolling out worldwide through 2013, with the text being translated into 18 different languages.

Castledine said: “Boxer has been a partner of McDonald’s for the last 10 years, and in that time has been the architect of all significant global packaging graphic design innovations. We are extremely proud of that relationship and our role in helping share McDonald’s food quality story.”