McDonald’s stages ‘flying car’ at drive thru in ‘good times’ brand campaign

In an innovative stunt, McDonald’s UK and The Marketing Store have made the seemingly impossible possible by making a car take off and fly, much to the  amazement of unsuspecting onlookers at a McDonald’s drive thru.

The stunt, which was captured on film, is part of McDonald’s ‘good times’ brand campaign, which celebrates the role McDonald’s plays in customers’ lives.

The film follows a number of real families in their cars driving through the drive thru. Once they place their order we see them being informed that their meal has been paid for by a mystery customer driving a car ahead of them in the queue. As they try to work out who the mystery person is, the car starts to take off and fly.

By performing the stunt in front of real families, The Marketing Store was able to capture people’s genuine amazement and delight – kids and grown ups alike – at seeing a real flying car.

The film will be aired across McDonald’s UK’s social channels from Saturday 12 September, with media handled by OMD. Maverick handled both the primary and post-production.

Sav Evangelou, executive creative director at The Marketing Store, said: “We were passionate that in order to communicate ‘good times’, we had to observe families in real life and to literally suspend reality for an instant in order to capture contagious, unadulterated, visceral, happy reactions of kids with their families. We were delighted that they experienced good times – good times that we captured for others to enjoy too.”