McGuigan extends sponsorship of The Drama Channel with disruptive new creative


 Leading Australian winemaker McGuigan Wines has renewed its multi-million-pound sponsorship deal with Timeless Entertainment on The Drama Channel, for a third consecutive year. 

Worth over £2 million in media value alone, the deal will continue to support the wide range of iconic and cult drama on the channel, for the next 12 months.

The success of the sponsorship has helped contribute to 18% growth in McGuigan brand awareness over the last two years, as well as driving one in five people exposed to the sponsorship to purchase McGuigan wine within the last three months.

Ben Turner, marketing director of Australian Vintage Ltd, says: “Our Drama Channel partnership is working really well for our McGuigan brand, as we’re reaching the right audience in a relaxed at-home environment. Alongside this, we’re delighted with how our new idents have turned out which bring to life our updated brand positioning of ‘Just Because’, whilst also reinforcing that McGuigan is the perfect choice for everyday quality wine. We hope these idents will help continue to drive further brand awareness and growth.”

The disruptive new creative work, developed by 20 Something, will be on screens for the first time this week and brings to life the McGuigan belief that, rather than working hard to justify opening a bottle, wine should be effortless, ready to be enjoyed whenever.

The series of new idents cleverly build on dramatic scenes with a humorous twist that brings them right back to the everyday – whether that’s putting the kids to bed after a long day at work or firing up the BBQ.

The sponsorship is expected to reach a total of over 10 million viewers across the UK over the next 12 months.