M&Co increases email conversion by 55% with Peerius’s hyper-targeted campaign

M&Co, one of the largest privately-owned retailers in the UK, has partnered with Peerius, a market leader in personalisation, to engage its customers with personalised individual emails to improve brand engagement and drive revenue.

M&Co realised the knock-on effect that Black Friday and deep discounting at the end of November could have on its Christmas Day sales. In order to avoid peak trading disappointment, M&Co said it needed to provide its customers with relevant content and products that would drive customers back to the website.

Sale Booster captured and isolated browsing behaviour over a 40-day period prior to the Christmas Day sales. The data was interrogated and matched to all the emails collected, where available, over the term. Customers who had purchased products they had viewed were removed, leaving customers who had not gone on to purchase browsed products.

Sale Booster enabled M&Co to significantly increase the sales generated through its Christmas Day sales campaign. M&Co increased email conversion by 55% and the personalised product recommendations increased email re-opens by 20% as customers were interested and engaged in the products being shown.

Joanne Wilkinson, website content manager, M&Co, said: “Improving the individual customer experience is a key business objective. The Sale Booster campaign allowed us to effectively target individuals with products that they had already expressed an interest in to drive brand engagement, and ultimately increase sales. In this way we were able to present the most appealing products in line with our customers’ evolving shopping behaviour.”

Roger Brown, CEO, Peerius, said: “Sale Booster provides a simple and effective way for M&Co to transform a mass communication method into a truly personalised way of engaging with its customers. The ability to increase conversion and encourage shoppers back to the website with relevant products, allows M&Co to show it really knows its customers and what they want, and not just launching a mass sale.”

M&Co is now looking to integrate Sale Booster into its sales calendar with personalised messages to each individual to improve customer engagement.