McVitie’s producer Pladis Global choses e.fundamentals to foster online growth


Pladis Global, one of the world’s fastest growing global snacking companies, has chosen to partner with e-commerce analytics platform e.fundamentals to optimise its e-commerce strategy across online retailers in the UK. 

Pladis Global – producer of McVitie’s and Jacobs – will receive daily insights on how the manufacturer’s brands are performing online and the actions required to help strengthen its sales and profitability through major retailer’s ecommerce sites – including Amazon UK, Tesco and Ocado. 

The e.fundamentals platform enables ecommerce-focused teams to optimise their brand performance collaboratively against eight fundamental areas that have proven to substantially impact sales such as managing smart pricing and promotion, retail search engine ranking  and product compliance. 

Online shopping is growing at accelerated speed with e-commerce retail purchases to be expected to rise from 14.1% to 22% by 2023. More than ever, brands are challenged to excel with their multichannel strategy to outpace the competition in the race to win consumer’s online purchasing decisions.  

Growth centred businesses need information presented in an understandable way that leads to direct action. e.fundamentals has proven in its operations with the world’s leading retail brands that the data insights generated with its intuitive dashboard can enable brands to achieve a minimum four times ROI.  

John Maltman, e.fundamentals chief executive comments: “I’m delighted that Pladis Global has decided to drive online growth in partnership with e.fundamentals. The scope of our international data analytics platform complements their global outlook.  

“To be successful online, e-commerce focused brands need insights into their products’ online performance across relevant retailers worldwide. Our powerful, workflow tailored tool allows team members across any business to make critical decisions fast.”