Meet Tweakit: the hair and body care brand that is ditching single-use bottles for 100% recyclable sachets to combat plastic and water waste

Tweakit, is today announcing the launch of its sustainable hair and body wash sachets to offer a more eco-friendly, portable range of hair and beauty care products to the market.

Launching on Kickstarter and available from 30th September 2021, Tweakit aims to combat the 520 million shampoo bottles that are thrown away every year by offering the highest-quality, vegan hair and body wash that come in the form of powder and are packaged in recyclable paper sachets. 

Tweakit offers a variety of different bundles from a starter set of body wash for £22 that is guaranteed to last 6 months, to enough products to last a year, so you can pick your perfect package. With additional bathroom goodies in a few of their exclusive packages including Tweakit towels and wash bags, you don’t want to miss out.

Tweakit’s luxury range of shampoo, conditioner and body washes will be available in three fragrant scents, including:

  • Jasmine & Sea Salt (a blend of soft floral notes with fresh sea-breeze highlights) 
  • Peach & Lemon (scented with sweet peaches and refreshing lemon extracts)
  • Lavender & Rose (enchanting rose fragrance and calming Lavender Essential Oils)

Unlike traditional hair and body care bottles, Tweakit’s products are fully recyclable and eliminate unnecessary water and plastic bottle waste from the equation. Their sachets have been designed with convenience in mind and their light-weight, compact form makes them perfect for travellers, gym goers, holiday hosts and business trippers who are limited by space, weight, and airport liquid restrictions. 

From lifestyle changes, to design; simplicity is at the heart of everything Tweakit aims to achieve. In three simple steps their products are ready to use; simply tear open the sachets, add water to the powder and shake. To make things even easier,  the sachets will be available on a subscription service after Tweakit’s Kickstarter has been completed so that customers can refill their reusable bottles time and time again.

Co-founder, Ben Anderson explains that Tweakit is driven by changing the way people are washing so that sustainability can be a lifestyle and not a chore: “We’re creating better solutions for ourselves, our families, and our planet, that are convenient, cost-effective, and offer the same level of quality and performance that the day-to-day user would expect from their favourite hair product”. 

Committed to social and environmental responsibility, Tweakit’s products are made using 99% plant-derived, sustainably sourced ingredients, in addition to being 100% vegan, petroleum, paraben and sulphate-free. Each formula includes oils and active agents extracted from plants for an organic experience and the formulations have been created to gently cleanse, helping to nourish, soften and condition hair without stripping natural oils. 

One of the UK’s leading cosmetics and scalp specialists who is currently working with Tweakit commented:
“The formulation and development team behind Tweakit are committed to making changes in how we approach formulating frequently used cosmetic products. Our main focus is to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the way the world uses single-use cosmetics. We are wanting to keep the greenest options at the top of our agenda whilst balancing this with actual performance, taking small steps as the science and technology play catch up.”

Tweakit will be available to pre-order on Kickstarter from £22 via this link: Revolutionise your routine with Tweakit by Ben Anderson & Anna Nash — Kickstarter