Merchant Gourmet launches bespoke food box delivery service

In the current climate, there has been more demand than ever for accessible home deliveries. Responding to this demand, Merchant Gourmet has partnered with the chefs at parent company Leathams to produce bespoke food boxes as well as pre-packed world-cuisine inspired food boxes. The boxes contain a variety of nutritious, restaurant-quality ingredients to help restaurants and independent businesses access a wide range of fresh produce delivered directly to the doorstep.

Leathams Ltd is a London based food distributor which has provided a wide range of high-quality foods to hotels, restaurants, cafes and pubs for the last 30 years. Merchant Gourmet together with Leathams are offering UK wide free delivery, with delivery available the next working day on all orders received before 12pm. Orders over £45 will be subject to a delivery change of £7.50 and free delivery for orders over £65. Leathams is also providing a click and collect option for orders above £25.

Nyree Chambers, head of brand at Merchant Gourmet, comments on the launch, “We are pleased to announce the launch of the bespoke food delivery boxes by our parent company Leathams Ltd. In the current crisis, supermarket shopping has become significantly harder, with longer queues, wider food shortages and waves of panic buying. In these difficult circumstances, we want to provide a variety of healthy, easily accessible ingredients, offering quick meal solutions to small businesses”.

The food boxes available to purchase include:

  • Italian Box – The Italian box contains a selection of Italian Classics including cured meats, cheeses and pasta
  • Spanish Box – The Spanish box includes an assortment of shellfish, cured meats and vegetables
  • Asian Box – Inspired by the flavours of South-East Asia, the Asian box contains a selection of products including tofu, kimchi and edamame beans
  • Store Cupboard Box – The Store Cupboard box provides store cupboard essentials, offering a variety of products to incorporate into breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

    Bespoke categories to pick and choose from include
  • Meat, Fish & Poultry: A varied selection of high quality, authentic Italian and Spanish Charcuterie, spicy Nduja, and BBQ pulled pork.
  • Cheese: Includes a variety of cheeses such as camembert, halloumi, goats cheese, Comté and authentic Parmigiano Reggiano. Use to create cheese boards or as a more practical ingredient to be used in a recipe
  • Pasta: It may in short supply in the supermarkets, but Leathams have stocked plenty of linguine, lasagne, gnocchi and girasole
  • Vegetables: Kimchi, edamame beans and sun-dried tomatoes plus a variety of other vegetable-based ingredients to add to your dishes
  • Food Cupboard: For store cupboard essentials, the category provides a range of products from essential sauces and condiments, to cereals and tinned goods
  • Vegan: Offering vegan-friendly, staple ingredients to help cook a range of dishes, including the likes of Alpro and Oatly
  • Home Baking: Including a wide variety of home baking ingredients, including fresh pastries, fruit purees and syrups to add to your bake
  • Grains: A wide selection of seeds, mixed whole grains and rice combinations to use as a base or topping for an array of dishes