Merchant Gourmet unveils partnership with Gaz Oakley as it moves in a fully plant-based direction

Merchant Gourmet has an appetite for change: to help save the planet one plant-based meal at a time. Today, the brand has announced its new collaboration with the multi-talented and passionate plant-based Chef and Youtuber Gaz Oakley, to show consumers how simple and easy it is to live a plant-based lifestyle. 

The partnership with the vegan cookbook author and Youtuber will support the brands transition into becoming fully plant-based this year and will amplify the new brand story, ‘Appetite for Change’ through PR, social media and digital communication activity.  

Due to his strong plant-based ethos and resonance with a wide but primarily millennial audience, Gaz will be supporting Merchant Gourmet’s mission to help as many shoppers as possible eat less meat and discover the true pleasure of simple plant-based food. 

As consumers continue to seek out better tasting, and cleaner plant-based food, Merchant Gourmet will look to feed the UK’s ‘Appetite for Change’, by ensuring its full range of products are easily accessible, and by bringing an exciting pipeline of NPD to the market in 2021. 

With a YOY growth of 13.7 per cent and a market share of 39 per cent1, the brand strives to inspire consumers to add flavour, texture and nutrients from plant-based pulses, grains and other specialty ingredients easily into meals.  

Recent research from the brand showed that 36 per cent of the UK are considering going vegan for January alone, with health (68 per cent) and the environment (54 per cent) being the two main factors motivating respondents2

Gaz Oakley has been challenged by the brand to replicate the UK’s favourite dishes in plant-based form that are healthier for consumers and better for the environment, such as a classic Shepherd’s Pie and a hearty Roast Dinner. The recipes will be available via the brand’s website and on its social media channels.  

Merchant Gourmet has been the catalyst for many people starting their plant-based journey by creating delicious, easy plant-based products for its customers. Puy Lentils is one such product that has been around for over 25 years; is an easy replacement for meat in bolognaise and ragu. Gaz Oakley will help support the brand’s mission to make innovative plant-based recipes using the brand’s natural ingredients that are both good for consumers and the planet. 

Additionally, according to the data, swapping out traditional meat meals for the vegan versions can decrease your carbon footprint by an average of 78 per cent.  

Richard Peake, managing director at Merchant Gourmet, said; “At the heart of everything we do is the fundamental belief that a world where people eat more plant-based foods will benefit our planet and our health. However, we know that the concepts of eating less meat, and saving the planet can feel completely overwhelming”. 

“To help consumers on this journey in 2021, we have partnered with vegan superstar Gaz Oakley to make this transition as easy as possible. He shares our brand values and has shown just how easy and delicious it can be to create plant-based alternatives to some of our favourite dishes.  

“Our new brand ethos ‘Appetite for Change’ feels more vital than ever. We truly believe that eating food that is better for your health and the planet should never be compromised by the cost of time or taste. We want to help people on this journey by making it simple and easy as possible to become the change they want to see. Simple products, simple ingredients you can pronounce, and delivered in a format this is simple to prepare.” 

The brand continues to innovate every year releasing new products and this year will be both expanding its flavoured pouches and also moving the brand into a whole new food category to go with the pulses and lentils.  2021 innovation will include clean profile, plant-based alternatives to some of the UKs favourite dishes, and will continue to offer the UK’s most varied selection of pulses and grains, including Puy Lentils, Quinoa, Freekeh and Wholegrains.  

All Merchant Gourmet products are crafted using only the best ingredients to create interesting and innovative products, without compromising on quality or taste.