MetaPack Carrier Certification Programme to expand overseas as retailers benefit from faster carrier on-boarding


Less than two years since it was launched, the Carrier Certification Programme run by MetaPack, the global leader in eCommerce delivery technology, is set to expand into Europe bringing further cost and time-saving benefits to eCommerce retailers.

The programme, which is accessible at, was originally designed as a membership scheme, has evolved into an important industry standard, allowing the services of carriers who are on the MetaPack delivery management platform to be comprehensively certified and always in a ‘retailer-ready’ state. As a result, retailers are assured that the services being offered by certified carriers can be rapidly on-boarded, that they are validated against their services specification and meet current standards and that any operational changes are mirrored in the service integrated onto the MetaPack platform.

Ensuring that carrier services are ‘retailer-ready’ has brought considerable benefits to eCommerce merchants, one of which is that MetaPack is able to offer them an SLA for the speed of on-boarding a service. This has resulted in retailer’s being able to access new services much more rapdily and MetaPack has also been able to forgo any charges for adding additional certified carrier services to the retailer’s integration.

“The programme has proven to be a great success,” said Simon Croft, carrier account director at MetaPack. “For our carrier partners the certification of their services is a huge endorsement and through our funding framework they are supported with ongoing maintenance tasks so budgeting has become easier. Retailer’s now have the fastest and most economical way to access certified carrier services, which helps them to expand their delivery options portfolio.”

MetaPack expects to add another twenty new carriers in the UK by the end of this year and has also announced that it will be expanding the programme overseas. It will be working with carrier partners in key countries across Europe to certify their services. In addition, the programme is now linked directly into MetaPack’s Carrier Mapping tool, which provides instant online access to comprehensive carrier information by origin, destination and type. Certified carriers in the UK are listed, and European carriers will be added into the tool as they come onto the programme.