Metro Cash & Carry Germany analyses local demand with JDA Software


Metro Cash & Carry Germany, a leading self-service wholesaler with 107 wholesale stores and 3.5m customers, has completed its implementation of JDA Space & Category Management solutions, including JDA Space Planning and JDA Floor Planning.

According to JDA Software its Space Planning solution provides store-specific, micro-merchandising and collaboration capabilities that efficiently optimise the position, performance and layout of product categories for better alignment with local consumer demand.

JDA Floor Planning helps businesses determine selling-space effectiveness and then create and maintain accurate floor plans that maximise store productivity, the company said.

The software is bringing innovation to Metro Cash & Carry’s global supply chain to help better analyse its localised customer demand to provide an improved assortment of products for its customers. 

Metro Cash & Carry Deutschland said: “JDA’s Space and Category Management solutions are perfectly suited to help better address localised consumer demand.”

“We are looking forward to helping Metro Cash & Carry achieve real results using JDA solutions,” said Razat Gaurav, senior vice president, Europe, Middle East and Africa, JDA Software. 

“JDA’s combined space and floor planning solutions can help the company more effectively plan, execute and analyse its localised consumer demand and assortment strategies to help provide the right mix of products for their customers.”