Micros to incorporate Pennies electronic charity box in future POS releases

Pennies: incorporated in POS solutions

Pennies: incorporated in POS solutions

Information technology solutions provider Micros Systems has joined the Pennies electronic charity box scheme.  

The hospitality and retail industries specialist is including Pennies in future releases of their Retail-J POS software, which will enable many more organisations to offer the micro-donation option to their customers.

Pennies gives consumers the opportunity to give a few pence to charity when they pay for goods and services by card. Micros plans to make the Pennies capability available to customers of its Retail-J suite of applications via a standard release of the software. In the interim, it will also work with selected retailers prior to the full release being available.

In the future Micros hopes to extend this support to a wider range of their solutions across the retail and hospitality sectors.

Frank Ward, CEO, Micros Systems UK, said: “We are excited by the potential for Pennies to transform charity donations and to help our clients to raise significant sums for charities.”

Alison Hutchinson, CEO, Pennies said: “We are delighted large payment specialists such as Micros are responding to their client demand for Pennies as they play such a vital role in helping accelerate the movement.  We look forward to Micros retail clients using Pennies to raise much needed funds for their chosen charities.”

Pennies has been steadily growing for two years as more and more organisations join in, resulting in customers pressing the ‘donate’ button over 4.5m times and raising more than £1m for charity. As momentum builds, a breadth of supporters across business and entertainment have been getting behind the movement, including Prince Harry, Cheryl Cole, Ian Cheshire and Sir Stuart Rose.