Minor Figures goes climate neutral but says “we must do more”


Through a partnership with ClimateParter, Minor Figures, the 100% plant-based brand that makes coffee, oat m*lk and tea amongst other things, is now carbon neutral. The brand has its sights set on radically reducing emissions over the next 10 years, with CEO Stuart Forsyth stating becoming carbon neutral should be “business as usual”.

Working with Climate Partner, the solution provider for climate action, Minor Figures has now audited all carbon emissions across its business – from products to office emissions, logistics and the emissions related to their packaging (Scope 1, 2 and 3) which has been backdated to July 2018.  

Minor Figures has offset its carbon emissions by supporting two Gold Standard high impact carbon offsetting projects in the Global South (Cook Stoves & Biogas). The industry standard to claim ‘carbon neutrality’ is to set a carbon reduction plan and to offset remaining emissions by buying credits for projects that compensate for the impact of emissions. 

However, the brand states this is just the beginning, and has an ambition to make meaningful and sustainable progress for the planet. It will work with ClimatePartner to radically reduce emissions of their value chain where possible over the next decade – across logistics, transport and production (by switching to renewable energy and reducing energy consumption), by implementing anaerobic digesters to reduce waste-related emissions and exploring regenerative agricultural practices with suppliers.

Stuart Forsyth, founder of Minor Figures and former founder of KeepCup, said: “Sustainability is weaved into our DNA as a business and going carbon neutral is a really big step for a small brand like Minor Figures. That’s why working with a company like ClimatePartner is so important – we want absolute accountability and transparency in this work. 

“This should be business as usual and the standard for all companies – it’s great to see lots of young brands leading the way, making strong and ambitious commitments to sustainability. At Minor Figures, our eyes are firmly set on what more we can do. We might not be perfect, but we have a clear goal in mind and are making a commitment to be completely transparent whilst we try to get there.”

Emilien Hoet, UK Head of ClimatePartner said: “We are excited to support Minor Figures in taking bold climate action, a company which has understood that being a ‘sustainable alternative’ isn’t enough and that sustainability is a mindset that needs to permeate all decisions. Offsetting all of their historical emissions (including value chain emissions) sends the message that they are taking responsibility today to respond to this global crisis. 

ClimatePartner has helped 2700 companies across 35 countries take climate action – to measure, reduce, avoid and offset carbon in a transparent way which educates customers to effect real change.

It does this through digital insights about carbon impact, so shoppers are informed with credible information through an online link that provides transparency on the amount of carbon offset, what exactly this covers (company, product, packaging), and which projects have been supported.