Mintel shows consumer appeal of artisan beers in American Craft Beer Week

Mintel has highlighted the appeal of so-called craft beers in the US during American Craft Beer Week (13-19 May 2013).

It found consumers who were of legal drinking age in 2012 are most likely to report increased consumption of beer (14%), which includes 7% of respondents who are drinking more craft beer in 2013 compared to 2012.

Discovery of new beers is popular with 93% of imported beer drinkers, 88% of domestic fans, and 84% of craft beer consumers, said Mintel.

Craft beers appeal to younger consumers in particular – popular with 49% of Millennials and 40% of Gen Xers, but just 29% of Baby Boomers and 22% of Swing Generation/World War II.

Hispanic consumers also turn to craft beer with 38% indicating they consume craft beer at any time. But there’s room to grow since 58% of Hispanics aged 21+ report drinking domestic beer and 55% of Hispanics drink imported beer, said Mintel.

Seasonality plays a role too with 84% of craft beer consumers likely to choose their beer depending on the season.

Liquor or package stores are the preferred outlet for craft beer purchases and 73% of craft beer drinkers say that they usually know what brand of beer they are going to buy before they go to the store.  

One-third of craft and imported beer consumers ask sales associates for advice and information when buying beer, found Mintel; and 45% of craft beer drinkers said would try more craft beers if they knew more about them.

Beer drinkers aged 36-47 are slightly less likely than consumers aged 21-35 to show a preference for the taste of craft beer, according to Mintel. 

Members of Generation X are more likely than their younger counterparts to indicate that imported beer and craft beer are a similar value.