Mirakl launches an accelerator to connect Magento to its marketplace solution in 20 minutes


Mirakl, global provider of online marketplace solutions, has announced the launch of a Magento plug-in to connect its marketplace solution to Magento’s open-source e-commerce platform in just 20 minutes.

The new plug-in – part of Mirakl’s R&D programme – makes its marketplace even more accessible to Magento clients, who use the technology platform to allow them to control the content, functionality, look and feel of their online store.

“We’ve created the Magento plug-in based on the best practices we’ve developed with our clients,” said Mirakl’s CEO, Philippe Corrot. “Numerous Mirakl clients, such as The Beautyst and Retif, have opted to connect Mirakl to Magento, so we wanted to meet their need for real synergy between the two solutions. The plug-in really boosts performance, by offering our clients more flexibility, the ability to be more responsive, a faster return on investment and a shorter time to market.”

The plug-in is based on a customisable core that gives businesses faster access to marketplace best practices, with all the functionality required for high-quality monitoring of marketplace vendors built in. This includes vendor catalogue integration, vendor rating, order history and tracking, partner billing and messaging.

“The plug-in offers everyone involved – the operator, customers and vendors – an optimal experience,” said Corrot. “And on top of that, it’s already compatible with the Magento 2 solution.”

Marketplaces already represent 8% of online product sales[1] and are continuing to redefine the landscape of the digital economy worldwide, by offering a wide range of products, competitive prices and a high-quality customer experience.

[1] Figures FEVAD 2015