Mirakl ties with IBM to help companies boost growth and profitability with marketplaces


Mirakl, a leading marketplace solution provider helping companies create and run their online marketplace, has announced it is working with IBM software to help retailers, telecom operators, media and entertainment companies capitalise on their traffic, brand image and customer base to grow revenue and profitability.

Mirakl said it is working with online businesses to extend IBM’s WebSphere Commerce with its SaaS Marketplace solution, giving them the ability to expand product choice and availability, propose more price options with the best quality of service without the need to buy, stock and fulfil products. Several IBM WebSphere Commerce clients are planning a go-live of their online marketplace with Mirakl Marketplace Platform in the coming months.

“WebSphere Commerce provides a rich customer centric shopping experience that is enhanced by the Marketplace services provided by Mirakl,” said Pascale Grabowski, smarter commerce sales at IBM.

“Within less then six months, our customers can expand their online business with the right selection of third party vendors offers – or address new product categories or business segments. The marketplace business model opens brand new opportunities with low risk and better margins. We believe our joint ‘marketplace-ready’ platform brings to our clients a new strategic asset to grow profitable e-commerce and provide the best service to buyers and sellers.”

“Growing online revenue and profitability, expanding geographically and boosting omni-channel interactions is key to any online business today, but at the same time, companies need to maintain brand image, customer experience and quality of service, Marketplace is clearly the answer to those new challenges as demonstrated by many of the ecommerce leader worldwide” said Philippe Corrot, co-founder and CEO, Mirakl.

“This partnership between Mirakl, leading marketplace platform provider and IBM, leader of e-commerce platforms brings the best technological solution to help businesses grow and gain competitive advantage against actors such as Amazon and Alibaba.”

Mirakl’s on-demand marketplace solution extends e-commerce platforms to allow retailers, telecom operators and media companies to transform their online business into a Marketplace for products or services, regardless of buyer and seller types (B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B), volumes, product typology or geography. Together, Mirakl and IBM claim to enable companies to rapidly deploy this new profitable business model.