MiTAC releases MioWORK Android Tablet for retailers with Cervello PAYG EPOS functionality

New semi-rugged tablet aimed at retail use

New semi-rugged tablet aimed at retail use

Innovative new semi-rugged tablets designed specifically for use in the retail environment are just weeks away from release by leading technology manufacturer MiTAC. The new MioWORK L130 series Rugged Android Tablet will provide a unique middle-ground for retailers who need more durable solutions than consumer tablets but do not wish to invest in military-standard devices, the company claims.

The MioWORK L130 series, available from May 2014, have been developed to address the increasing need for semi-rugged, mid-priced devices for retailers who currently struggle with the dilemma of choosing either a device that is too fragile for daily use, or that stretches their budget much further than they can reasonably afford.

The MioWORK tablets comes certified for enterprise use and holds an array of features including secure wireless access, IP67 ingression resistance, Mil-standard drop resistance, and flexible power options, none of which are said to be available on standard consumer devices. It also offers functional accessories including a multi-docking station and has been set up to easily install and run Pay As You Go EPOS software Cervello, giving retailers a simple, off the shelf software + hardware solution at an affordable price point.

Despite being a new entrant to the retail sector, the MioWORK tablets are already well established in the medical market, where a similar need for greater durability and bespoke functionality exist. The MioWORK team describe the medical tablet as already having ‘95% of what was needed for the retail market’ and with a few tweaks and adjustments, has been redesigned to offer an attractive, affordable, retail-focused tablet. The new L130 series 10.1in range compliments the existing MioWORK handheld products to provide a complete solution for retailers. 

Whilst the price of a MioWORK tablet is approximately 30% higher than comparable consumer solutions, these products are claimed to offer excellent value when considering total cost of ownership through reduced breakages and replacements over time. The MioWORK range is also approximately 50% lower priced than military-standard solutions too, so retailers can save a substantial amount by opting for this semi-rugged option.

MioWORK tablets were first introduced to the retail/hospitality market 18 months ago and have already been successfully deployed in restaurants and ticketing sectors across the UK and Europe. 

Piet Deschuymer, MiTAC Europe president, said: “MioWORK has the advantage of already being geared up for the volume and customisation requirements of the retail sector thanks to our existing success with our medical and automotive ranges. We have the infrastructure in place to immediately service retailers at a high level with quality, well-supported solutions. Essentially, we’ve perfected this offering in other sectors and have adapted it to service the retail market, bringing with it all the best practices and experience to provide a ready to launch, proven solution.”

Deschuymer says the decision to choose Cervello as the preferred EPOS software solution for the new tablet was fuelled by its proven success and existing deployment in the retail sector. 

“MioWORK and Cervello offers a 1+1 = 3 solution, as current consumer devices that use Cervello may not necessarily be suitable for the demanding retail environment. Using Cervello on the MioWORK tablet will be faster, more reliable and more accurate.”

Fiona Cowlam, marketing manager for Cervello, said: “Cervello is already performing well in the retail sector as a simple, effective, off the shelf EPOS solution that eliminates the need for capital expenditure or ongoing license fees. Its unique ‘pay as you go’ or monthly fixed payment model makes it the perfect entry-level EPOS solution for retailers of all sizes, but particularly suited to smaller retailers. The new MioWORK tablet combined with Cervello software offers a much needed solution for retailers who need reliable software and durable hardware at an affordable price point.”

The MioWORK L130 Series Rugged Android Tablets will be available for purchase from May 2014 priced from £750 + VAT. Standard 1 year warranty included and optional extended three-year warranty available.