Mobile apps to buy products and augmented reality take off, new survey finds

Augmented reality: virtual mirrors

Augmented reality: virtual mirrors

Most shoppers are now using mobile applications to buy products and augmented reality is set to become commonplace on the high street, according to a survey by The Cardinal Group, a leading provider of shopping technology and security to the retail industry.

It found 56% of shoppers had downloaded a mobile application to their smart phone or tablet, while 51% had made a purchase with it at some stage.

Meanwhile, during a recent Vodaphone London Fashion Weekend, 87% of consumers reported The Cardinal Group’s Virtual Fashion Mirror, which uses augmented reality to let consumers virtually ‘try on’ clothes, enhanced the shopping experience.

The survey also showed strong support for in-store mobile technologies. 

These comprise checkout apps, which replace a trip to the till. 

More than four-fifths (83%) of shoppers reported in-store technologies enhanced the shopping experience, and almost three-quarters (73%) said they considered in-store mobile technologies important.

Jason Trigg, CEO of The Cardinal Group, said: “We’re seeing a change in the way retail customers behave. Previously, while people were happy to shop on the internet, shopping on a phone was a minority concern, and this appears to have changed.

“Just as importantly, we are seeing a change in the way consumers use technology in shops. From a customer point of view, the in-store shopping experience has remained the same for decades. 

“However, we are now seeing an acceptance of technology innovations such as mobile technologies, self-service tills, Virtual Fashion Mirrors, and several other technology-driven changes. The industry is right on the tipping point, and it’s hugely exciting.”