Mobile, in-memory and cloud computing to lead technology advances, says SAP

SAP: innovate and transform the business model to stay relevant

SAP: innovate and transform the business model to stay relevant

Mobile technology, in-memory and cloud computing will be at the forefront of the next technological advances, according to Robert Enslin, president, sales – SAP global managing board.

Speaking at SAP’s 2012 Forum in London, Enslin highlighted the growth of mobile devices – 5bn are in operation worldwide, more than toothbrushes, he said.

There has been an explosion in data – big data – and accessing information from data is increasingly important. 

“Access to data and what’s out there in the world will change the way you do business,” Enslin told delegates.

According to Enslin, SAP’s Hana in-memory technology gives businesses the ability to read massive amounts of data in nano seconds.

Enslin described a convergence of technologies centred on mobile, big data and connectivity to create a business intelligence web, which would be seamless and where businesses would not see services happening.

“We see SAP powering the business web of the future,” said Enslin.

Enslin told delegates SAP’s acquisition of the cloud-based business execution software provider, SuccessFactors, was a step to becoming “the application provider in the cloud”.

According to Enslin, technology can transform businesses by ensuring product availability and driving shopper loyalty. 

Enslin cited Burberry as a business, which has been transformed by technology.

“They know your purchasing behaviour and will never be out of stock when you get there. Burberry is a classic example of a company that’s got it right. I would not want to be their competitor,” he said.

Enslin concluded with two key pieces of advice to business leaders:

innovate faster and transform your business model.

“If you don’t do those things, you won’t be relevant in future,” he said.