Mobile, privacy and customer experience were top themes at Experian’s 2016 Global Fraud & ID Conference


Experian’s global fraud and Identity business, the leader in customer-centric identity and fraud solutions, attracted many of the leading security professionals from around the globe at Fusion Summit 2016, its annual client event. Throughout the conference’s 19 sessions there were three key issues that were front and center:

  • Mobile security: rapid adoption and expansion of mobile features have outpaced security and, while convenient, need to be just as protected as other types of technology like laptops and desktops.
  • Privacy: data sharing to fight fraud is crucial but must be thoughtfully balanced against the need to strengthen data security and safeguard privacy.
  • Customer experience: today’s customer demands a convenient online experience and, depending on the situation, is willing to forgo certain levels of protection if it makes it too complicated.

“Our annual client summit is an opportunity for domestic and international clients to share the latest fraud-fighting techniques and innovations across industries and regions, especially in digital and mobile,” said Steve Platt, executive vice president, Fraud and Identity, Experian. “On top of everyone’s agenda was understanding how to stay ahead of these rapidly-evolving fraud trends while also ensuring that consumers maintain a positive, hassle-free experience.”

The invitation-only 2016 Fusion Summit was held 17-19 February at the FireSky Resort & Spa in Scottsdale Arizona. Conducted by industry experts as well as Experian clients, sessions included titles ranging from Fraud expertise + data + analytics – a winning formula for a hassle free customer experience, Privacy Versus Security: Can Consumers Have It All? and The Regionality and Globality Of Fraud.