Mobile searches on Black Friday expected to increase tenfold, Bing Ads finds


Bing Ads today releases findings from its ‘UK Retail Insights Report’ ahead of one of the busiest retail days of the year – Black Friday. Based on research from 33% of internet retail users who used Bing in 2014, marketers can expect mobile search enquiries to increase by nine times the day ahead of Black Friday and ten times on the day itself – a day that saw UK consumers spend an estimated £810m last year.

The report revealed that over half (54%) of all retail intent searches were made from mobile and tablet devices during Black Friday last year – with more than one in four of these (41%) coming from a smartphone.

  Mobile Tablet PC
Day before 900% (5-9pm) 500% (5-9pm) 300% (11-2pm)
Black Friday 1000% (7am) 500% (7-8pm) 400% (7-11am)

Black Friday’s most searched for retail categories in 2014:

  Mobile Tablet PC
Jewellery 83% 5% 12%
Books 60% 11% 29%
Consumer electronics 55% 10% 35%
Personal and beauty care 52% 10% 35%
Home and garden 51% 13% 36%
Clothing and accessories 37% 15% 48%

The Bing Ads UK Retail Insights Report shows that ‘Generation X’ is the most investigative when it comes to shopping around Black Friday, with more than 50 per cent of retail search queries on the Bing Ads Network coming from 35-64 year olds.

Cedric Chambaz, head of marketing, Europe at Bing Ads, said: “Our report lifts the lid on when the key search moments for retailers are; notably revealing the increasing trend of people seeking to get more done on the go with the rise of mobile shopping search. Brands need to capitalise on these insights by ensuring they’re offering the right content, in the right place and at the right time in the run up to Christmas. By knowing how and when consumers are searching, brands can think beyond the search box in how to do this most effectively.”

Bing Ads’ top tips for search marketers to take advantage of the search frenzy:

  1. Make sure your website is mobile optimised and ready for the expected influx of mobile searches during the festive period
  2. Where possible, get your deals front and centre on your website ahead of Black Friday to take advantage of the pre-deal investigative shoppers
  3. Manage budgets carefully in the last week of November to ensure it’s not exhausted before the end of the day when many conversions take place