Monsoon Accessorize IT director to explore consolidating and improving internal and customer services at Westfield event

Monsoon Accessorize will be holding an exclusive event on 16 March at Westfield, London, in conjunction with KETL, for CIOs to discuss how organisations plan their strategy in the ever-changing, fast-moving IT industry.

The future of the IT Team will also be a key discussion point for the select panel of industry experts, which includes Andy Tudor, technology director at Monsoon Accessorize and Tristan Nelson, technology manager at Just Eat. The panel and VIP delegates will discuss subjects that challenge senior IT decision makers and the industry, including; IT strategy, outsourcing and working with solution providers, the future of the IT team and innovation.

Tudor, Monsoon Accessorize, comments, “As the pace of change gets even faster, we need to evolve to provide technology services that the retail business requires. Today the market is saturated with technology solutions and long gone are the days where you would work with a single supplier; businesses including ours are working with several suppliers, which can prove a challenge to manage.

“However, our strategy is to consolidate the number of solution providers we work with to simplify processes and reduce costs, but also to enable us to work with our partners on a deeper level. It’s about putting in place an eco-system of solution providers that enable you to keep up to pace with changes in technology and the industry. This ‘best of breed’ approach enables you to streamline your suppliers while improving internal and customer services.”

The challenge surrounding senior IT decision makers when it comes to getting buy-in from the Board will also be discussed at the event. Particularly in relation to cultural change and knocking down silos to create a culture of innovation and participation.

“Monsoon is a very forward thinking company and the Board recognise the value of technology, reflected in the fact that we report directly into the CEO. IT is firmly at the top of the agenda at Monsoon with the Board understanding that it can create differentiation amongst competitors, improve business processes and of course enhance customer experience.

“At Monsoon we have created an open culture where everyone works together to explore our technology requirements. By departments work closely together in this way the silos have gone and been replaced by a more collaborative environment.”

The event will also explore the dynamics of third-party relationships and the concept of solution providers as strategic partners and how this can best be achieved.

Tudor adds: “I see solution providers as an extension of my team, working closely with us to understand our business and discover our needs and requirements. We set the strategy and technology roadmap together to best achieve the objectives set by the business. It’s about drawing on each partner at the right time, achieving the right level of quality and getting the right balance of services from an eco-system of partners.”

Partnering on the event in London with Monsoon Accessorize is KETL, a data systems integrator and analytics specialist. KETL is a strategic partner that Monsoon Accessorize works with closely, most recently on a Single Customer View data insight project. The project gives Monsoon Accessorize a single view of its customer data to provide invaluable business intelligence reports.

Tudor said: “By working closely with a trusted, strategic partner that had the expertise we needed to access, the Single Customer View project with KETL ran seamlessly. It really was one of the best projects I’ve worked on during my career.”

To apply for one of the limited places at the exclusive event with Monsoon Accessorize on 16 March, please register here via Event Brite ( The event is suitable for Senior IT professionals with significant industry experience and C-level responsibility.