Moonshine brings brewing home to the East Midlands with Phoenix partnership

Moonshine: winning orders from Lakeland, independents and garden centres

Moonshine: winning orders from Lakeland, independents and garden centres

Fast-growing alcoholic beverage firm Moonshine Drinks has brought its production process home to the East Midlands thanks to a new contract with Nottingham-based filling and packing firm Phoenix Contract Services.

The co-packing firm stepped in at short notice this month to increase production and storage capacity for Moonshine on the back of new orders for its unique, patented range of home brew beers, ciders and wines.

Thanks to Phoenix’s flexible approach, the first production run – including a delicate, 16-hour long filling process – began just four days after contracts were signed.

With at least a dozen more production runs scheduled for the year ahead, Moonshine intends to have its full product range produced by Phoenix within three months, fulfilling orders destined for Lakeland stores, independents and garden centres nationwide.

Ian Walker, managing director of Moonshine Drinks, said: “Our market share’s been growing ever since we launched three years ago and we’ll be launching new products this spring, so we needed a new supplier that could cope with this growing demand.

“Phoenix ticked all of the boxes for us – the management team’s approach fitted with our own and their technical knowledge filled us with confidence. They’ve always been happy to work at our pace as we launch new products and we’ve liked how they work right from the start.

They invited us on a factory visit so we could see how they worked first hand. Being able to get everything done under one roof was a real selling point and we’re confident that soon we’ll have put them in charge of our entire production and supply chain.”

Ben Guy, managing director for Phoenix, said: “Our contract with Moonshine has been two years in the making, however in the end the first production run needed turning around in a week. This just proves our flexibility and how much time we spend looking after client relationships.

“Having two growing businesses from Nottingham working together is good news for the city’s economy, and will hopefully be the start of a long and successful partnership between our two firms.”