Morrisons aims to inspire customers to try new products with own brand BWS relaunch

New look wines

New look wines

Morrisons has re-launched its entire range of own brand wines, beers and spirits working with design consultancy Elmwood.

The rollout has been designed to inspire customers to try new products, giving them the confidence to make the right choices and making it easier than ever to find great wines that they’ll love.

Elmwood said it worked closely with Morrisons to transform the supermarket in to a true wine destination. The re-launch, which sees their wine offering rebranded and re-organised with options to suit every occasion and price point, not only reinforces their expertise in wine, but also makes the shopping experience more accessible and understandable for everyone, from novices to connoisseurs.

Whether a customer prefers to shop by grape or by origin, Elmwood has created distinctive labelling concepts for Morrisons’ range of wines. From a simple yet tasty Pinot Grigio to accompany a mid-week dinner, to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for those who prefer to shop by geography, each of Elmwood’s labels gives customers the confidence to choose the right wine for the right occasion.

For wines by the grape, Elmwood’s designers used handcrafted chalkboard typography, engaging customers with familiar visual language, while for those by region, bold block colouring and travel stamps were teamed with visually appealing fonts to communicate the flavours. Created by Morrisons’ copy manager Liz O’Connor, the accessible and inviting language on the labelling works perfectly with Elmwood’s designs to capture the essence of the wine and inspire ways for customers to enjoy it even more.

For something a little more indulgent, Morrisons is also making a splash with their exquisite M Signature range of wines. Carefully selected by Morrisons’ team of wine experts, each of these extraordinary wines has a unique story to tell about its provenance and heritage, which was crafted into an engaging narrative by copy manager Liz O’Connor. Bringing this to life, Elmwood’s designs distinguish each bottle in the range, as well as acting as an exciting discovery element for the shopper, and a talking point around the dinner table.

Claire Williams, head of design at Morrisons, said: “The success of this re-launch has been the result of a great collaborative effort, cemented by the fantastic knowledge and expertise of Morrisons’ wine buyers. We’re thrilled with the way Elmwood’s designs not only convey Morrisons’ expertise in the wines, but also make shopping for wine easier and more enjoyable for all types of customers.”

Martyn Hayes, designer director at Elmwood, said: “It was really important to understand the design cues that resonate with customers when buying regional wines, whilst also giving the wines an own-able look and feel. The project was a great opportunity to use an array of illustrators and typographers to bring our ideas to life.

It was also really interesting researching the wine regions and developing concepts to capture stories that would appeal to everyone from novices to connoisseurs alike.”