Morrisons introduces weather bulletins in-store to help summer shoppers


Morrisons is today introducing weekly localised barbecue forecasts in all UK stores to help customers plan their BBQ shopping this summer and keep them up to date with the latest weekend weather predictions in their area.

From the 28 July, weekend weather forecasts will be placed at the front of store each Thursday for the duration of the summer holidays to help customers buy the right food for the weekend and to help reduce food waste. Without these, many customers find themselves returning to stores if the weather is unexpectedly good or bad.

To get the forecast as accurate as possible, Morrisons is working with MetraWeather, a global leader in providing innovative weather information services, to provide a local weather forecasts for each of Morrisons 491 stores. The ‘Local BBQ Forecasts’ kick off this Thursday and there will also be weather announcements over the store tannoy to remind customers during their shopping trip.

Research for Morrisons found that 58% of Brits do not know the weather forecast when doing their shopping. As a result, more than a fifth (21%) say they buy the wrong food for the weather.

Additionally, almost a third (31%) of customers find themselves commonly doing an additional shopping trip because weather is unexpectedly good or bad.

The localised alerts played over the in-store PA system and shown on weatherboards in the front of 491 Morrisons stores nationwide will be updated at 1,700 every Thursday throughout the summer, all in a bid to help the supermarkets 12 million customers plan for a BBQ in the typically unreliable British weather.

Anna Lane, customer service director at Morrisons, said: “We can’t change the weather but we hope that by giving our customers up-to-date local BBQ forecasts we will help them plan their shopping and make the most of our fresh British food this summer.”

Byron Drew, weather consultant at Metraweather, said: “Using the latest technology our localised weather reports can predict the weather in an area between two to four kms, which means we can predict the weather in individual areas near to Morrisons stores. The weather forecasts will help shoppers to take advantage of any unexpected heat waves.”

As part of the research, Morrisons has also revealed the top 10 barbecue spoilers:

  1. The unreliable weather (40%)
  2. A sudden downpour (36%)
  3. A lack of people showing up (12%)
  4. Technical difficulties with the barbecue (10%)
  5. A lack of preparation (8%)
  6. Undercooked food (5%)
  7. Lack of planning when buying food (5%)
  8. BBQ food going off before there is an opportunity to use (5%)
  9. Not being able to get to the shops in time (4%)
  10. Shops being closed on the day of the BBQ (4%)

Morrisons will be keeping customers updated on the weather with in store forecasts during the summer holidays. Forecasts will start on Friday 28 July and run until 1 September.

For local BBQ forecasts, as well as recipes, top tips and inspiration visit: