Mothercare closing 60 stores to power digital revolution

Comment from Craig Smith, VP of Customer Success at Amplience:

“Closing 30 physical locations in the UK would be a drastic move for Mothercare. But it’s no secret they have been struggling a while, and it’s an understandable strategy – House of Fraser is closing over half of its brick and mortar stores this year. Faced with competition from online retailers with huge product ranges, it’s difficult for Mothercare to continue with a traditional approach to retailing.

“But this doesn’t mean that our most beloved brands must disappear from the British high street. Remaining stores need to make more impact on potential customers by becoming experiential branded spaces which reflect and enhance the retailers online offering.

“Today’s consumers shop on their own terms, on multiple devices, and expect a constant stream of tailored, high-quality content to stay engaged. This is even more true of Mothercare’s key demographic of busy parents. In a highly personalised online environment, all retailers must churn out large quantities of content, and fast.

“Effective Content strategy now underpins everything, from brand storytelling through to product imagery through to leveraging UGC. Retailers must streamline their content production processes and adopt the latest tools. This is not only to ensure content is planned consistently across all channels, but also to ensure an agile approach to delivering content which is time-sensitive, on-trend or promotional. Only by adopting the right tools can a retailer deliver the continuously fresh content, and the proactive streams of engagement, that will capture the hearts and wallets of shoppers.”