Mothercare Group selects ConcretePlatform for cloud-based solution for brands

Rogers: Mothercare solution

Rogers: Mothercare solution

Mothercare Group has chosen ConcretePlatform to provide a single cloud-based home for its two brands – Mothercare and Early Learning Centre. 

ConcretePlatform will be used to help deliver operational excellence in every store, regardless of trading format or location. By centralising all content and a broad selection of workflow processes, ConcretePlatform said it will provide the hub for collaborative working with Mothercare’s entire store estate across over 60 countries.

ConcretePlatform claims to be the world’s first brand telemetry platform for global brands. Offered as a subscription-based cloud service, ConcretePlatform allows brands to work with the extended enterprise securely and easily, whether wholesale, franchise or wholly-owned markets, as well as the vast supply network that supports today’s retail community.

The Mothercare group currently has over 260 UK stores, more than 1,000 international locations, and annual revenues of £1.2bn for the year ended 31 March 2012.

ConcretePlatform said it will act as a one-stop-shop for the company’s business documentation and brand materials across all these markets, and will include a central catalogue of merchandise descriptors, marketing messages and pricing, as well as sophisticated artwork automation tools. As such, ConcretePlatform said it will be able to capture local translations and facilitate the subsequent production of print-ready artworks – on brand, on budget and on time. 

Tristan Rogers, CEO of ConcretePlatform, said: “With ConcretePlatform, we are able to provide Mothercare with a single, secure location for trading its brand across all its markets outside the UK. Mothercare’s decision to use ConcretePlatform in this way further establishes our position in the market as a trusted partner for brands that are serious about global expansion.

“Our expertise in the parent and baby sector means that we are extremely well placed to help Mothercare to build its business and enhance its brand across multiple markets. We’re confident the knowledge and insight we have from our work with other retailers in this sector, along with our expertise and innovation, will enable us to provide the support that Mothercare needs to thrive, both in the UK and abroad.” 

A spokesperson at Mothercare said: “Our aim is to be the definitive one-stop shop for mothers across the world for product, value and service. By using ConcretePlatform to spearhead our international brand management, we are confident we will achieve operational excellence in market, regardless of location or trading format, to support the Mothercare group on a global scale.”