Moving Tactics introduces digital signage at the Keg chain of restaurants and pubs

New digital signage

New digital signage

The Keg, a South African-based chain of restaurants and pubs, has deployed in-store digital signage powered by X2O Media throughout its network of restaurants. Working with Sauce Advertising, the Keg realised the need for a dynamic platform on which to direct product and promotions through to customers, and in early 2013, the company started collaborating with Moving Tactics, the leading South African digital signage solutions company, to make their vision a reality.

With a network of 16 traditional pub dining restaurants located across South Africa, the Keg has installed 42in LG displays in all their restaurants. “What has made this digital media installation unique is that all the screens are designed in a portrait configuration that makes them stand out as you enter the restaurants. Most of the locations are equipped with three portrait displays and in some top-end locations, additional screens have been installed,” said Chris Day, managing director of Moving Tactics.

Moving Tactics is using the X2O Media platform to execute this roll-out and will be responsible for managing content assembly, system monitoring and remote maintenance on the displays.

Natasha McEwan, social media accounts executive at Sauce Advertising, said:, “We produce the content for the Keg’s in-store digital screens, which focuses on local and national food and drink promotions, new menu items, upcoming events and sports fixtures as well as advertising.  It is crucial that content is updated on a regular basis and in real-time, as and when the Keg’s promotions and specials are introduced.

The screens deliver multiple messages that can be animated and day parted, as well as being restaurant-specific for local store marketing. It is proving to be an ideal platform for our partners to advertise products on in a dynamic way and thereby eliminates the need for a static poster”.

According to Carli O’Connor, marketing manager emerging brands & pubs at Famous Brands, its main challenge was to secure the mindshare of its customers in the very active and competitive restaurant business. “To accomplish this, we’ve had to create high-impact, broadcast-quality digital signage content, and ensure that it is delivered to the right target demographic at the right time of day,” she said.

Menu promotion at The Keg

Menu promotion at The Keg

McEwan said the digital screens have not only been effective but have also brightened up the stores. “They bring an element of entertainment into the dining experience and they also give the appearance that the Keg brand is relevant and on-trend.”

“We look forward to growing with the Keg brand and installing additional screens as they expand their operations going forward,” said Day.