MPayMe demonstrates new mobile payment app for drink orders in QR-bar

QR-bar at Chester Racecourse

QR-bar at Chester Racecourse

MPayMe, an international business technology company, has launched a mobile business platform called ZNAP and demonstrated the application by powering a QR-bar at an event at Chester Racecourse where all drink orders and payments were enabled through mobile phones. 

The ZNAP app was accessed via Xperia handsets, sponsored by Sony, and given to invited guests upon entering the QR-bar. Attendees checked-in to the venue by using ZNAP to scan a QR-code on a welcome sign at the entrance, giving them access to view the QR-bar drinks menu.

To place orders, guests selected choices from the menu and added them to the virtual shopping cart in the app. They proceeded to check-out and entered their table number so that drinks could be delivered quickly to their table, ensuring a queue-less experience.

Sony Mobile, AB InBev (Stella Artois, Becks, Budweiser), Halewood International (Crabbie’s), Coca-Cola and Red Bull were among the brands involved in sponsoring this exclusive and innovative event.

Hooman Mazaheri, CEO Europe of MPayMe, said: “The successful launch of ZNAP at QR-bar to showcase our technology demonstrates how we offer customers a quick and easy way to order and pay – without the hassle of carrying money and credit cards, or waiting in long queues at the cash register.

“The ZNAP business platform also gives merchants a fantastic opportunity to understand customer preferences through aggregated purchasing data and to deliver the right types of incentives to selected segments to strengthen their loyalty. We are looking forward to working with retailers and brands across the UK and Europe to roll out our platform commercially to the mainstream public later this year.  I would also like to personally thank the team at Chester Racecourse along with all of our sponsors for putting on such a great event.”

Emma Blackmore, head of commercial at Chester Racecourse, said: “We are always looking to innovate and enhance the customer experience. The delivery of food and beverage is a key part of the customers’ day when they are at the racecourse and how we provide this service is important. There is a move towards cashless and contactless in stadia throughout the UK, but none have used this technology through mobile phones, which is proven to be much more secure than contactless. The concept could work at any bar, stadium or entertainment facility to increase the customer experience.”

More than 640 drinks were ordered in the QR-bar using the ZNAP mobile app at the event. Many of the guests commented on the app’s ease of use and the speed at which their drinks arrived directly to their table.

Gary Corbett, Chairman of Oxygen8 Group, one of the guests attending the event, said: “QR-bar was a fantastic event and very well put together. I found the app both intuitive and easy to use from a consumer standpoint – and from a merchant standpoint, I can clearly see how this technology has the potential to increase revenues and drive customer loyalty.”

The ZNAP app is now available to download for free from the major app stores. MPayMe said consumers will soon be able to use the app at merchants who accept ZNAP – to purchase and pay in-store, online, or straight off an advert by scanning a QR-code with their handset, selecting a pre-stored credit/debit card, and entering a four-digit PIN to complete the transaction.

Both buyer and seller receive instant confirmation once the payment is processed. Merchants can use the ZNAP business platform to grow their business and manage loyalty and coupons, providing increased opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell and allowing them to expand their business across multiple channels, the company claims.