Mums set for a bumper Mother’s Day as Brits splash out on special occasions, Argos reports

Brits are set to treat their mums to £400m worth of gifts this Mother’s Day, with sales of perfume and hair tools at Argos soaring versus this time last year.

A nationwide poll of 2,000 people by Argos showed that the average adult is set to spend £60.14 on their mum, with sales of Mother’s Day gifts on the Argos website having more than tripled versus last year (up 235%).

Among the top gifts being snapped up are Dyson and Remington tools, with shoppers also flocking to personalised jewellery (searches are up 61% on last year) and perfume sets (with website visits 15 times higher than in 2020).

The trend for calendar events to become huge occasions has taken off during lockdown, with 46% of those surveyed saying they’re putting in more effort than they did last year, versus just 18% making less of a fuss.

Six out of ten (60%) people said they’re celebrating more because the lockdown has given them a renewed appreciation of their family and friends, while 38% said having dates in the calendar gave them something to look forward to and kept them occupied.

The nationwide survey showed that 41% of us are splashing out £100 or more on this year’s special occasions as a whole – with a majority of us saving up to re-celebrate a past occasion once restrictions allow for a larger event.

A massive 59% of us are re-celebrating a birthday we lost due to lockdown, while almost half (49%) are set to join family and friends for a second Christmas in the summer months. Although this Mother’s Day we can meet our mums outdoors if we live close by, 16% of us are saving the occasion for a later date.

When asked why they’re saving up celebrations, 44% of Brits said they wanted to involve more of their loved ones, 30% said they wanted to commemorate it properly, and a further 30% said virtual celebrations just weren’t the same.

The uptick in spend on occasions – seen most recently for Mother’s Day, with Argos’s online shoppers purchasing an average of two gifts – was cemented this Valentine’s Day, which saw a staggering 144% increase in sales compared to 2020, with engagement ring sales soaring 73% as lockdown lovers cemented their bond over the romantic weekend.

At Easter, two households will be able to meet outdoors under the rule of six, but the focus for shoppers is still firmly on the home, with searches for Easter decorations on the Argos website up 350% on the same period last year. Among those of us celebrating occasions with greater gusto, four out of 10 (40%) are planning to decorate our homes to match the event. This Easter, many Brits are having a Christmas-style celebration, with affordable bunny door hangers and bunny wreaths in the top five bestsellers, and searches for ‘Easter Trees’ up 90% week-on-week.

Even outside of the big traditional shopping occasions, Brits are finding excuses to celebrate – some 17% will be raising a glass on St Patrick’s Day, and 20% plan to prank members of their household on April Fool’s Day.

An Argos spokesperson said: “After a tough year, people are making what they can of their lockdown experience, whether that’s through decorating their homes or being more generous with friends and family. Not only are people looking for ways to break up their mundane lockdown routine, but their renewed appreciation for their loved ones means they’re more inclined to make a big effort when it comes to buying gifts and thinking of activity ideas that sit within the rules.

“Rather than seeing our spend reduce once restrictions lift, it seems people are preparing for a summer filled with fun, hosting second Christmases, birthdays, Easters and Mother’s Days to make up for the ones they feel they’ve lost.

“Because Argos caters for celebrations of all kinds, we always see a last-minute rush on gifts from customers who know they can trust us. For those who decide very suddenly that they’d like to join in the fun, Argos offers Fast Track delivery to your door in under four hours.”