Musgrave Group invests in space planning and planogram automation solutions

Musgrave: investing in space planning for local assortments

Musgrave: investing in space planning for local assortments

Irish food wholesaler, Musgrave, is investing in space planning and planogram automation solutions from software supplier Symphony EYC. This will provide Musgrave with the ability to optimise retail shelf space and generate planograms automatically for its independent retail partners and make the in-store experience more engaging for shoppers, Symphony EYC claims.

Musgrave, which operates leading brands, such as Budgens and Londis in Great Britain as well as Centra and SuperValu in Ireland, will use the new solutions to analyse sales data and deliver assortment recommendations at the individual store level, reflecting the demands of customer preferences.

“Developing trusted brands means tailoring our offer to the needs of specific markets while at the same time ensuring consistency and availability,” said Tony Mather, business transformation director Musgrave Group.

“That’s why it’s crucial that we continue to support our retail partners with sourcing, sales, marketing, merchandising and supply chain expertise so that they can go head-to-head with the supermarket chains and win. This latest investment with Symphony EYC will also enable us to offer the shopper a consistent, but locally appropriate, in-store experience regardless of the store they visit.”

Symphony EYC’s space planning and planogram automation solutions are the latest phase in Musgrave’s investment with Symphony EYC in building a complete services offer for its retail partners.

The latest solutions will leverage the existing Symphony EYC deployment, which includes Master Data Management, Merchandising and Supply Chain Management. This phase will allow retailers to optimise business processes, including merchandising, sales, supply chain and inventory control, ensuring that the right products and the right inventory levels will be available to shoppers.

“It’s essential  the retail space works as hard as it possibly can,” said Matt Robinson, market development director, Symphony EYC.

“The convenience sector is highly competitive, with shoppers expecting the same experience from their local outlet as they do their larger supermarket chains. Small convenience stores, however, can offer a localised shopping experience, going above and beyond to ensure they are catering to their specific customers’ needs. We’re delighted that leading retailers continue to select Symphony EYC for space planning and automation solutions.”

The new solutions will initially be rolled out in the Republic of Ireland, with plans to extend the implementation to partners in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Spain.