Nákd launches Drizzled Chocolish Bars

Nákd’s New Drizzled Chocolish bars are packed with healthy nutrients to help snackers return to a nutritious post-lockdown diet.

Unlike regular chocolate cereal bars, Nákd’s New Drizzled Chocolish bars add dreamy indulgence to everyday snacking and include 1 of your 5 a day. The wholefood bars are vegan, made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no added sugar.

Snacking on unhealthy and artificial products is extremely easy when the cupboard is always within reach. However, with lockdown easing and normality being restored, it’s more important than ever to get back into a healthy routine and that includes the snack choices we make.

Nákd’s Drizzled Chocolish bars aim to provide the answer to consumer’s snacking nightmares by providing the perfect afternoon snack to keep everyone on track with their dietary goals. It’s suited for those looking for the sweet indulgence of confectionary but want a healthier alternative.

Compared to leading Chocolate brands, Nákds Chocolish coating is 50% less sugar, four times the amount of fibre and twice the amount of Cocoa. The Nákd. Drizzled Chocolish bars come in three flavours: Peanut Chocolish, Double Chocolish and Raspberry Chocolish. Ensuring that there is something available for everyone, shoppers can choose between a nutty chocolatey treat, a fruity chocolatey treat or an extra chocolatey treat.

Now available in all major retailers in 4x35g, the snack has an RRP of £3. They are stocked alongside cereal bars and free from products.

Nakd hasn’t stopped there; it has just launched its biggest bite yet which is a large singles proposition of the Drizzled Chocolish bars – so consumers aren’t caught out when out and about and still want to make healthier choices.

You can discover the full range of Nákd Drizzled Chocolish and wider Nákd range online at eatnakd.com. Check out #Eatnakd and follow us on social @eatnakd on Instagram and Twitter.