Naomi Campbell teams up with TCC to run in-store loyalty marketing campaigns

Campbell: face of new retail campaign

Campbell: face of new retail campaign

Retail marketing company TCC has announced it has signed an agreement with Marenco, Naomi Campbell’s key partner, to develop a range of Naomi Campbell-branded products that retailers will be able to use to reward shoppers when running in-store loyalty marketing campaigns.

The creation and development of Naomi Campbell-branded products include jewellery, home textiles, handbags and luggage. In addition, Naomi Campbell will become a brand ambassador for TCC’s Liora Jewellery Collection.

TCC’s CEO Richard Beattie said: “We are delighted to welcome the Naomi Campbell brand to TCC’s runway of leading consumer and entertainment partner brands. Naomi Campbell is arguably the world’s most recognisable supermodel whose name and image are synonymous with style, aspiration and glamour.

“By creating exclusive ranges featuring those same qualities, we believe that shoppers will go out of their way to collect Naomi Campbell-branded products. We therefore look forward to working with our retail customers to develop in-store loyalty marketing campaigns that delight their shoppers and encourage them to spend more, visit more and become more loyal.”

The agreement between TCC and Marenco is subject to Ms. Campbell’s rights under the master license agreement with Marenco.