National Pet Day: UK’s most pampered pooches and breeds revealed


It’s safe to say the UK is a dog-loving nation. In fact, we love our pooches so much we spend a whopping £1.3 billion on them each month. But whilst we all like to think our pups are the cutest, most loyal, well-behaved dogs out there, which pooches are the nation’s most pampered? Protectivity has analysed data from dog owners across the UK to find out where the most loving owners and the most spoiled pooches reside. The results can be found here.

With the dog population reaching an impressive 8.9 million in the UK and nearly a quarter of all UK adults owning a pup, according to PDSA, it’s clear to see that the nation really is struck with puppy love, as we all go out of our way to treat and pamper our fluffy family members. From long walks, frequent visits to the groomers, and providing their favourite food, UK dog owners are committed to ensuring their beloved pets feel as pampered as possible.  

In a recent poll of dog owners, Protectivity has analysed how much people across the UK are willing to spend on their dog, and subsequently have found out the most pampered pooches by breed. Based on this data we have been able to pinpoint the biggest dog-lovers in the nation, analysing gender, age, city and even profession, to find out who is spoiling their pup most. With some figures varying by more than £500, it’s safe to say some pooches are getting a lot of extra treatment.

The top 5 cities that spend the most on their pooches are:

RankCityAmount spent per year

The capital takes the top spot, spending a generous £1,514.52 on their dogs. With the extensive amount of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants in the capital and pamper parlours, it comes as no surprise that these city pooches are the most spoilt. In addition, our results revealed that 12% of London dog owners take their pets to be pampered more than once a month. In second place is Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, and third is Glasgow. Known for its scenic landscapes, open spaces and stunning walks, Scotland is an ideal location to raise a pup, and it’s clear that the Scottish are keen to make their pets as happy as possible.

Our results also reveal the pups we pamper most. Here are the top 5 lucky pups:

RankDog BreedAverage spend per year
1Miniature Schnauzer£2,412.36
4French Bulldog£1,810.80

The nation’s luckiest and most pampered pup goes to the Miniature Schnauzer. This breed is known for its unique appearance which may be the reason as to why it features as the most pampered, with its famously long, black and silver facial hair, large eyes and alert-looking stance. The second most indulged dog in the UK goes to national treasure English Bulldogs. Known for their sweet disposition, these little powerhouses have an impressive £2,299.68 spent on them per year, and in third is the Dachshund also nicknamed as the ‘Sausage dog’, who have  £1,914.24 spent on them each month.

Our pets bring a lot of joy to our lives, and if you are considering adding an additional furry member to your home it’s important to consider the financial implications too. On average, owners spend £104 per month on their dogs, with expenses varying from treats, food, insurance, toys and general care. Our results reveal that a whopping 25,369 people in the UK spend over £500 on their pets in just one month. How much will you be pampering your pooch this year?

Sean Walsh, spokesperson at Protectivity Insurance, comments: “Over time a dog not only becomes a beloved pet but an integral and irreplaceable part of the family, which is reflected in how much we like to spend pampering them throughout the year. From buying new toys, treats and their favourite food, our results show that the whole nation is guilty of indulging our pooches and making them the happiest they can be.”