Nature’s Finest launches premium adult fruit snacks


Fruit snack brand Nature’s Finest, has announced the launch of a premium range of adult fruit snacks. The two new SKU’s will launch into retail from mid-February; Juicy Pineapple in Coconut Water and Juicy Mango in Coconut Water, to join the already successful range of products currently within the brands portfolio. Aiming to attract health conscious consumers to the ambient fruit snacks category by offering on trend, revitalising coconut water, teamed with popular exotic fruits.

After seeing great success in the snacking market with its 220g range, Nature’s Finest has developed a range of products specifically for adults using additions of unique carrier liquids to give refreshment and capitalise on current health trends –which is the use of coconut water. The snacks will be available in 200g pots, tapping into the food-on-the go trend, which has seen a significant rise, with the convenience snacking seeing a +39% growth compared to last year.

Nature’s Finest ensures all fruit is picked and packed at the peak of its ripeness to guarantee quality and value. The pineapple and mango pieces contain only naturally occurring fruit sugars and the addition of coconut water brings innovation to the product and capitalise on the brands core properties.

Georgina Edmonds, marketing manager of Nature’s Finest, said: “We are very excited to add two new products to the range, the innovation you see with regards to the carrier liquids we are using is a natural progression for us, coconut water is extremely popular and as consumers tastes become more adventurous, and they are more health conscious we wanted to offer a product that would resonate with today’s consumer.”

Nature’s Finest Juicy Pineapple in Coconut Water and Juicy Mango in Coconut Water will be available from Waitrose and Morrisons mid-February with an RRP of £1.25.