Naveo Commerce partners with Denmark’s largest retailer to offer optimised grocery e-commerce


Naveo Commerce, a unique end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and fulfilment technology provider, has today announced its partnership with Salling Group, Denmark’s largest grocery retailer. By utilising Naveo Commerce’s API-first Connected Commerce platform, specifically its Headless Commerce and Distributed Order Management offerings, Salling has been able to expedite its digital transformation journey and, through its grocery supermarket brand fotex, launch its first ever grocery home delivery service. The service is currently available to consumers in the entire Copenhagen Metropolitan region.

The grocery industry is constantly evolving, with global players continually diversifying their offerings and putting customer convenience at the heart of business processes. As a result, fotex embarked on a significant digital transformation project, investing in the overhaul of its digital offering in order to stay at the forefront of innovation and provide consumers with the best possible user experience when shopping online and ordering for home delivery. The project saw the organisation prioritise visibility and control across the end-to-end eCommerce journey – from re-developing its front-end offering, to hiring its own fleet of delivery drivers, ultimately ensuring a seamless experience from order inception to completion.

Such a complex deployment required a sophisticated system that could orchestrate communication between PIM, assortment, pricing, CRM, loyalty and warehouse management systems, amongst others, already in place. Leveraging over 10 years’ expertise within the grocery industry, and its Connected Commerce platform, Naveo Commerce was perfectly positioned to support Salling in this dramatic digital initiative. Salling leveraged Naveo’s Headless Commerce offering, on which the retailer’s front-end is built, as well as its Distributed Order Management solution, which handles the business logic needed to orchestrate communications between numerous eCommerce systems.

Naveo’s modular approach and platform built to integrate complex systems, allowed Salling to pick, choose and adapt the modules it needed while also ensuring the order process remained seamlessly integrated throughout. Fotex’s home delivery service was launched in February 2021 and has since seen rapid growth – expanding from zero to around 100 deliveries daily in just a few months. The operation is currently available within the Copenhagen Metropolitan area, with deliveries being managed by a centralised warehouse. Salling is looking to increase the service availability and open a second warehouse that would enable it to provide delivery services to the wider Denmark population.  

Alan Jensen, CIO at Salling, comments “The challenge of creating a seamless integration between the many moving parts of our purchase and order systems is one that Naveo Commerce tackled head-on. Its Headless Commerce and Distributed Order Management solutions have become the glue that holds our eCommerce and delivery offerings together. Fotex’s home delivery initiative has so far been hugely successful – with order volumes growing significantly and basket sizes even larger than anticipated. We are excited to continue serving our valued customers in more innovative ways that truly bring consumer convenience to the fore.”

“Enabling Salling and fotex to optimise the grocer’s home delivery programme has been fantastic for the Naveo team,” adds Tomas Grano, head of sales at Naveo Commerce. “We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of Salling’s partners for such an innovative, complex project and to see it through to successful completion. We look forward to the future of working together as its home delivery solutions evolve and grow.”