NEOM launches local EU website in response to customer demand and expands bodycare proposition with innovative body cleanser

 NEOM, the fast-growing wellbeing brand that offers a unique range of innovative products to help customers sleep better, stress less, boost mood, and improve energy through its digital-first omnichannel strategy in the UK and internationally, is pleased to announce the launch of its European e-commerce site.

The launch of the fully responsive site, which joins NEOM’s existing UK and US e-commerce sites, is available in all EU countries from July. Its creation is a response to the growing demand amongst European customers for NEOM’s innovative and holistic aromatherapy-based products that improve sleep, reduce stress, boost mood and improve energy during a time where many are looking to feel their best.

The expansion into Europe through a dedicated EU site reflects NEOM’s long-term international growth strategy through its digital-first omnichannel model. The move also reflects the broader global trend amongst consumers towards prioritising and investing in their wellbeing – the global wellbeing sector is estimated at more than $1.5trillion, with forecast annual growth of 5-10%.

On the new e-commerce site customers will be able to shop from a selected range of NEOM home, bath & body and skincare products including the iconic bestselling Wellbeing POD and POD Mini essential oils diffusers that launched in 2020 and earlier this year. Products are now available to purchase in Euro through a variety of payment options with express delivery for customers. This also comes with the informative NEOM content offering customers the very latest articles, news, hints, tips and expert advice to boost their wellbeing 

Oliver Mennell, CEO of NEOM, commented:  “We are delighted to launch our new EU e-commerce website and in doing so, make a broad range of our bestselling products, and their benefits on mood, sleep, energy and stress, more accessible to our customers across much of Europe.

This expansion in line with our long-term growth strategy reflects the strength of the NEOM brand, proposition and digital-first model.”

Visit NEOM’s new EU home at:

NEOM has also extended its bodycare category proposition with the launch of its first body cleanser product the Super Shower Power Body Cleanser.

The launch of this brand new product and format follows the long-term popularity of NEOM’s broader bodycare range, which includes a number of body washes and body lotions. The new body cleanser is differentiated through its use of therapeutic aromatherapy oils, including eucalyptus, rosemary and spearmint, which help customers to start the day with an energy boost, revive the body and power up the mind. The cleanser, which is sold in the larger 500ml format aligning with customer demand for larger in-home products and prioritisation of value, is made with 100% organic essential oils, packaged with fully recyclable packaging made from 100% recycled plastic, and the formulation itself is 100% biodegradable.

The launch is the latest example of NEOM’s disruptive approach, which sees it drive innovation underpinned by its impressive NPD track record. It also reflects the business’s long-term growth strategy, which includes continued innovation and new product development driven by consumer needs, as well as category and product expansion.

Mennell said: “At NEOM we are resolutely focused on responding to consumer needs, both in terms of new product development and how our customers utilise and enjoy our products. We’re really excited to have launched both our very first body cleanser and, within the same product, our first large 500ml product format this month, packed with natural essential oils to help our customers start their day right.

“The launch of this exciting new sub-category within our well established bodycare category aligns with our long-term growth strategy and reflects the strength of our brand and focus on innovation.”