NEOM launches Pod Luxe to boost wellbeing in larger spaces


 NEOM, the fast-growing wellbeing brand that offers a unique range of innovative products to help customers sleep better, stress less, boost mood, and improve energy in the UK and internationally, has expanded its market-leading Wellbeing Pod range with the Wellbeing Pod Luxe. The move follows significant customer demand for the brand’s innovative, first-of-its-kind product range, and complements the existing Wellbeing Pod and Wellbeing Pod Mini.

The new, larger Wellbeing Pod Luxe is designed to diffuse scent within bigger spaces, such as open plan kitchens, larger living rooms, offices and gyms. Its launch reflects and supports consumers’ desires to boost their wellbeing as lifestyles continue to move closer to ‘normal’, such as through the return to the office, commuting and full social calendars.

The Pod Luxe has a number of additional features when compared to NEOM’s existing Pod products, to ensure enhanced convenience and functionality. It also maintains the central features of the wider Wellbeing Pod range, using 100% natural essential oil blends to supercharge wellbeing through therapeutic aromatherapy.

The launch is the latest example of NEOM’s disruptive approach, which sees it drive innovation underpinned by its impressive NPD track record. It also reflects the business’s long-term growth strategy, which includes continued innovation and new product development driven by consumer needs, as well as category and product expansion.

Oliver Mennell, CEO of NEOM, commented:  “I am extremely excited to announce the launch of NEOM’s latest innovation, the Wellbeing Pod Luxe, a game-changing addition to our ground-breaking Wellbeing Pod category and one that will help boost our customers’ wellbeing better in larger spaces. With its new, user-friendly settings and sophisticated controls, the Pod Luxe is designed to perfectly fit the evolving needs of our customers, many of whom are seeking to maintain their focus on wellbeing as they move back into office-based working.

As with all NEOM products, we are proud that the Wellbeing Pod Luxe maintains sustainability at its core. The packaging is almost fully recyclable, with the box and sleeve sourced from FSC-certified board from sustainable forests.”