Nespresso opens experiential boutique at Trinity Leeds

Nespresso has launched a new experiential boutique at the Trinity Leeds shopping centre. The evolved boutique concept is designed to meet shoppers’ changing needs and preferences by offering immersive, localised and personalised experiences, exploring the artistry behind some of the world’s finest coffees.

The new Trinity Leeds Nespresso boutique opened its doors to the public today. The launch is part of Nespresso’s vision to elevate its retail approach and introduces several new innovations to inspire and excite customers and engage them in the Nespresso brand universe. These include an interactive ‘Taste & Discover’ area, where customers can explore and create their own coffee recipes using iPad tutorials and Nespresso machines, alongside augmented reality (AR) experiences. AR gives consumers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stories, heritage and expertise behind Nespresso coffees and understand how capsules are recycled, giving waste a second life.

A ‘Coffee as an Art’ masterclass area also invites customers to learn about sophisticated recipe creation – from roasting coffee beans to preparing cold brews – and gain insight into the brand’s AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. Coffee specialists are also on-hand to assist shoppers in exploring the Nespresso range further, with one-on-one coffee learning, tasting and machine demonstrations, to better understand their taste preferences.

Guillaume Chesneau, managing director of Nespresso UK & ROI, said: “We strongly believe in the relevance of retail and recognise the important role that our boutiques play in delivering an elevated customer experience, working in tandem with other channels such as online. Our evolved boutique concept at Trinity Leeds will enable our customers to learn more about Nespresso blends, recipes, brewing methods and our commitment to sustainability. The new boutique offers sensorial excitement, excellent customer service and inspiring conversations with our coffee specialists, through immersive and personalised experiences that take coffee exploration further than ever before.”

The boutique design reflects Nespresso’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, recycling, and circularity, with sustainable features including tabletops made with used coffee grounds, alongside 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood and LED lighting, and the use of sustainable materials sourced from the UK to reduce the boutique’s carbon footprint and minimise overall environmental impact.

David Maddison, Centre Director at Trinity Leeds, said: “Nespresso’s arrival at Trinity Leeds has been eagerly anticipated and we’re excited to kick off 2022 by welcoming them to our line-up. With such a unique customer experience – from augmented reality and demonstrations to masterclasses and more – we’re sure the new boutique will prove a big hit with shoppers, further strengthening the fantastic offering here at Trinity Leeds.”

Nespresso capsules are made of aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable. They are recycled through the UK’s first industry-wide coffee capsule recycling scheme, Podback, which was co-founded by Nespresso and launched in April 2021. Used capsules can be easily recycled in several different easy ways, including a nationwide CollectPlus drop-off service or arranging a Nespresso doorstep collection, as well as kerbside collection in eligible local authority areas. The new boutique also provides a capsule recycling drop-off point as part of a ‘Recycling Corner’, supporting the company’s global and UK ambition to offer customers a carbon neutral cup of coffee by the end of 2022.

The introduction of this evolved boutique concept at Trinity Leeds follows a successful UK launch at the Bluewater shopping centre boutique in Kent, which opened in September 2021. The striking concept was designed by Italian architectural practice, Parisotto + Formenton, in close collaboration with Nespresso’s retail teams.

Delivering a unique coffee experience through five arts

With a firm focus on the customer experience, Nespresso has defined five arts that are reflected in the new Trinity Leeds boutique:

  1. Art of Design – Inspiring customers through beautiful aesthetics, materials, and design. Within the Trinity Leeds boutique, Nespresso is also introducing a café-inspired lounge area for sharing a coffee moment.
  1. Art of Coffee Savoir-Faire – From tastings and interactive recipe tutorials to coffee masterclasses, the boutique enables customers to explore the stories behind Nespresso coffees and their characteristics. A 360 mobile AR experience will also allow consumers to discover the stories and expertise behind Nespresso coffees while also finding the right coffee for them through a new coffee selector tool.
  1. Art of Sharing and Caring – Bringing customers on the Nespresso journey through a shared passion for coffee. Through local events and partnerships, the new boutique will bring coffee lovers and the Nespresso community together.
  1. Art of Circularity – Demonstrating how used aluminium capsules are recycled and given a second life through AR experiences and a ‘Recycling Corner’ of the boutique
  1. Art of Hospitality – Placing further emphasis on delivering an elevated coffee experience, the boutique provides an inviting, warm atmosphere to enjoy coffee, and exclusive services such as accessory engraving. Customers can also sign up for Nespresso subscriptions in-store.