Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) shakes up confectionery at TFWA Cannes

Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) is presenting a range of exciting launches for strategic brands KITKAT, CAILLER and SMARTIES at this year’s TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, to answer a targeted range of traveller needs.

These innovations include both new limited editions and appealing, personalised physical experiences as NITR aims to drive engagement and resonate with travellers − especially key growing consumer segments such as Millennials and emerging middle-classes.

KITKAT gets personal


In 2017, KITKAT will pilot a fresh and exciting new activation for Travel Retail, the KITKAT Chocolatory. The concept, which was launched to great success first in Japan and then Australia, has been adapted to appeal specifically to the Travel Retail channel. The activation revolves around a series of unique multi-sensorial experiences which will be packaged in premium, bespoke KITKAT gift boxes. Using a digital interface, travellers will choose from a selection of patterns and messages and create, in less than 90 seconds, their own personalised KITKAT box.

NITR will also reveal a new global activation called LIVE YOUR BREAK.  This new campaign will be accompanied by the launch of the second edition of the ‘Celebrate the Breakers’ TR-exclusive sharing bag. These packs target four different profiles of Millennial traveller: the Urban Breaker for the city-exploring breakers, the Festival Breaker for the live music loving breakers and the Adventure Breaker for those who like their break spiced by a burst of adrenaline. The packs are perfect for sharing and will continue to attract the growing and increasingly influential Millennial traveller group globally from early 2017.

NITR is also unveiling a brand new added-value proposition, exclusive to Travel Retail: KITKAT Mini Moments. Available globally from December 2016, the indulgent snack-sized KITKATs include caramel, mocha, cookies & cream, hazelnut and the original milk chocolate flavours. Presented in a premium format – perfect for gifting or as a self-treat – KITKAT Mini Moments encourages travellers, particularly Millennials, to explore new and unique flavour experiences to make the most of their break moment.

Cailler, home of Swiss chocolate since 1819

unnamedNITR continues to focus on CAILLER’s distinctive heritage, authenticity, quality ingredients and local savoir-faire to further build the super-premium chocolate brand in Travel Retail. It will introduce, across a selection of locations, two new limited editions designed to meet consumers’ seasonal gifting needs. These will be supported by the brand’s successful Virtual Reality activation.

The Winter Selection limited edition, launching from November 2016, is an eye-catching, premium gift box featuring a winter look and feel and including a unique assortment of five new chocolate bonbons with festive flavours such as gingerbread, honey, or dark orange. These beautiful boxes will be accompanied by iconic displays echoing the brand’s unique paper-cut design to achieve strong in-store visibility.

In January 2017, during the key Chinese gifting period, NITR will tell the authentic CAILLER story via aChinese New Year limited edition. The gift box includes an impactful design born from the collaboration of renowned Chinese artist Mrs. Wang and Swiss artisan Marianne Dubuis. It will celebrate the art of paper-cutting, a tradition which has been anchored in both Chinese and Swiss cultures for centuries.

Seven new wonders in the colourful world of Smarties

In 2017, SMARTIES is presenting a range of colourful innovations to spark their imagination and creativity and encourage interactions between children and their parents.


SMARTIES Toppers – a giant tube with a transparent dome incorporating a reversible finger puppet, crayons and a rocket or princess dispenser – for boys and girls  – will resonate with parents looking for toys that encourage interactivity and fun in order to keep children entertained during their journey. Family members looking to bring a creative gift home will be able to choose from a colourful SMARTIES Telescope or creative SMARTIES Art Tube including crayons, coloured paper and stencils. Finally SMARTIES is introducing a new colourful moneybox tin and a giant pocket dispenser, both aimed at travellers seeking a treat which doubles as a practical gift when they return home.

Stewart Dryburgh, general manager, Nestlé International Travel Retail, said: “Nestlé is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and innovation has been a key part of our DNA throughout. At NITR we are focusing our efforts on delivering integrated, branded propositions combining quality ingredients, engaging packaging and unique, brand relevant experiences to meet a targeted set of consumers’ needs and expectations. We see specific growth opportunities especially in the premium and family gifting categories. We are confident that our new launches will drive full value and create category growth in these critical segments.”