Nestlé International Travel Retail unveils key 2018 innovations across KITKAT, SMARTIES and NESTLÉ SWISS


Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) is announcing a new wave of exciting products and engaging experiences across strategic brands KITKAT, SMARTIES and NESTLÉ SWISS highlighting its continued commitment to leading innovation in the Travel Retail confectionery category throughout 2018.

These innovations are carefully designed to meet a targeted set of consumer needs and occasions by tapping in to the latest trends and global insights. NITR places great importance on understanding and connecting with various traveller demographics, with a key focus on Millennial and emerging middle-class travellers. NITR’s extensive research into its key markets has been crucial in uncovering valuable insights on trends and consumer needs.

Key findings that have helped shape 2018 innovations include a growing demand for, and drive towards, pureness and authenticity (with increasing appreciation of sustainably sourced ingredients), permissible indulgence (delivered through smaller portions, reduced sugar, or functional ingredients that support a healthier lifestyle) and engaging brand experiences (through personalisation to deliver digital shareability).

NITR’s 2018 propositions are targeted towards delivering sustainable category growth by offering value through uniqueness and exclusivity, brand storytelling and engaging experiences, attractive POS solutions and digital presence.

KITKAT – iconic and British

Created in York in 1935, where it is still made today, KITKAT is now the world’s biggest chocolate brand, sold in over 90 countries across the globe. Across the years many different formats and product sizes have been developed and launched, with the four-finger remaining the icon strongly attached to the brand today. An iconic name, an iconic format, an iconic ritual.

Spring 2018 will see NITR launch a new gifting proposition for KITKAT – a Travel Retail exclusive offer that spans across the ‘for you’, ‘for me’ and ‘for us’ occasions – bringing the world famous four-finger to life in milk and dark chocolate 70% variants. NITR is leveraging the brand’s iconic trapezium shape with the (opening) ritual also delivered in an imaginative way.

The iconic and British story will be brought to life through impactful and engaging POS materials featuring internationally recognised British icons like the double-decker.

In addition, NITR is presenting a new Travel Retail exclusive proposition geared for Millennials. Launching globally in spring 2018,KITKAT SENSES offers the indulgence of creamy milk chocolate, crispy wafer and indulgent fillings with intriguing inclusions. A multi-sensorial journey to delight the palate. The indulgent five-finger wafer bars covered in milk chocolate come in three flavours – double chocolate, coconut, hazelnut – with each individual unit in re-closable packaging. The KITKAT SENSES bars are presented in an elegant, gift-worthy and impactful packaging format. A perfect self-treat or gift.

Building on the success of its ongoing global activation LIVE YOUR BREAK, launched in summer 2017, KITKAT will unveil its global LIVE YOUR BREAK 2.0 campaign in 2018 across selected hub airports internationally. The campaign is designed to target four different profiles of Millennial traveller: the Urban Breaker for the city-exploring breakers, the Festival Breaker for the live music-loving breakers, the Adventure Breaker for those who like their break spiced by a burst of adrenaline, and the Wellness Breaker for those who like to disconnect and unwind their soul. With personalisation highly appreciated and sought for by Millennials, KITKAT offers its ‘breakers’ the unique opportunity to purchase an iconic four-finger gift box and personalise it, leveraging their own pictures (and videos). Sharing the own creation digitally across their own social networks offers customers a unique personalisation experience linking bespoke packaging with the consumers’ real-world experience.

Create colourful stories with SMARTIES

Open up an inspiring world of imaginative play with the new SMARTIES CREATORBOOK, launching globally in spring 2018. The content-rich activity and colouring book is a feast for the imagination, packed with a 130g Giant Tube of SMARTIES, with over 50 pages of activities, games, puzzles and more. The SMARTIES CREATORBOOK also includes 8 coloured pencils and pages of stickers, ideal for both gifting and in-flight entertainment for children. Once the activity pad is finished the CREATORBOOK can be refilled with one of your own so the fun can start again, providing children the opportunity to play, create, colour, decorate, craft, design and sticker both in-flight and beyond.

A contemporary story of discovery in NESTLÉ SWISS through the spirit of Trouvaille

The rejuvenation of the premium Travel Retail exclusive NESTLÉ SWISS tells a refreshed yet rich brand story, introduces exciting new innovations and debuts a new visual identity across the full brand portfolio. Inspired by the natural and rugged landscapes of Switzerland, the new visual identity of NESTLÉ SWISS is a modern twist on Swiss chocolate, contrasting raw and natural materials with considered Swiss design. Rough and warm, bold and surprising, the new design blends a cool granite canvas with warm vibrant accents of colour, with a world of contemporary Swissness to be discovered.

Created with NESTLÉ’s expertise, using only Swiss milk and carefully selected natural ingredients, NESTLÉ SWISS chocolate is generous and chunky: a gourmand experience. Conched for 24 hours in the factory at the foot of the Fribourg Alps, the Nestlé SWISS chocolate is deliciously smooth and creamy. All the cocoa is 100% sustainably sourced from the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.

An exciting and contemporary proposition, NESTLÉ SWISS presents a Travel Retail exclusive portfolio of indulgent tablets and chocolate chunks, perfect for gifting, sharing and self-treats. The stand-out 300g tablets offer a rich, satisfying taste experience. These comprise of plain Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate bars, and also the indulgent Milk Chocolate with Fruit & Nuts, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate with Almonds & Honey.

An exciting new innovation sees the modern new design take a new shape in the form of sleek, stylised mono-flavoured boxes (94-96g, available in three individual flavours Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts) featuring 10 delicious chunks in a highly attractive, re-closable box that is perfect to carry for moments of self-indulgence or to be shared with travel companions. The chocolate chunks will also be at the heart of the new 360g Chunks Tower format, suitable for informal gifting and sharing occasions.

The renewed and redesigned offering from NESTLÉ SWISS will be presented through impactful POS solutions that tell the brand story and attract travellers’ eyes.

Stewart Dryburgh, Nestlé International Travel Retail general manager commented:  ‘Continuing our focus on insight-based innovation has created an outstanding range which will really drive category growth. Our added-value propositions across KITKAT, SMARTIES and NESTLÉ SWISS deliver more than just enjoyable taste; they provide a unique factor, exclusivity, engaging experiences, digital presence and relatable storytelling to meet our targeted consumer expectations.”