Network video and shopper analytics can give tier one retailers the edge, claims Axis Communications

Brothers: "Google Analytics" for stores

Brothers: “Google Analytics” for stores

Axis Communications claims its network video solution combined with shopper analytics is the equivalent of ‘Google Analytics’ for bricks and mortar stores.

Exhibiting at RBTE 2014 (11-12 March 2014), Scott Brothers, retail business development manager, Northern Europe, said the benefits of network video as a security solution are well know but retailers can “sweat the asset” and combined with point of sale analytics can benefit the bottom line.

Working with partners including Visualize, Axis can provide real time in-store analytics based on consumer behaviour, including heat mapping, dwell zones, queue management and demographic information. 

Technology can also be used to create efficiencies by improving the deployment of the workforce to respond to shopper patterns, said Brothers.

Axis Communications’ network video technology is used by tier one retailers and is on trial in two of the top four grocers, said Brothers. 

Axis, which claims to be driving force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance, also provides a device to migrate analog cameras to IP solutions.

This can help to free up security guards on the shop floor. Retailers can then provide security staff with tablets to enable them to look at cameras remotely while also becoming another customer service touch point.