New app, Beezee, aims to help local, independent retailers survive in tough economic times


Local high streets have been struggling to survive long before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit. Thanks to the nation’s growing love of online shopping combined with high rents and business rates, the UK’s beloved local high street has been on a steady decline, but that is all set to change with the launch of BeeZee.

Offering independent high street retailers and small businesses the chance to benefit from an online storefront and delivery service, the BeeZee app and website allows users to shop locally from the comfort of their own home. From toy shops, to electronics stores and bakeries, BeeZee allows you to browse your local high street and purchase high-quality products that are then delivered directly to your door via courier.  

Designed and developed by Georgina Green, an entrepreneur and the owner of an international app marketing company, BeeZee is set to revolutionise the high street and support small, local retailers, offering them an additional avenue for revenue and the chance to benefit from online and app sales. 

A lifetime supporter of her local high street, Green witnessed many of her beloved shops desperately struggling and facing the very real threat of closure thanks to mounting economic pressures. Unlike big brands and high street chains, local businesses often do not have the resources or technological know-how to offer online shopping and delivery, putting them at a distinct disadvantage as shopping habits have evolved and during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Acknowledging that local small businesses often do not have the infrastructure to make online sales possible, or the funds to invest in building a customised digital platform, the BeeZee app offers the perfect, cost-effective solution. Unlike well-known delivery apps, which charge retailers anything up to 30% of sales, the BeeZee app takes a minimal percentage following a free trial and is free to join – meaning that businesses who sign up truly benefit from every sale. 

To support retailers during lockdown, BeeZee waives its nominal fee, and to offer ongoing support to delivery drivers, they receive 100% of the delivery fee on an ongoing basis. 

Driven by her fervent belief that corporations have the social responsibility to help, it is Green’s mission to revolutionise and revitalise the high street with the launch of BeeZee. Supported by a team of likeminded women, all passionate about giving back to the community and helping others, Green believes that together we can reverse the decline of the local high street by offering a simple, effective and user-friendly solution which benefits consumers and retailers alike. 

It is time to save our local high streets and bring back a much-needed sense of community by buying local, supporting local and enjoying local with the launch of BeeZee.